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Avoid "unfriendly" CCW/gun states?

This is a discussion on Avoid "unfriendly" CCW/gun states? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I was driving back from Michigan I had a choice of going through Chicago and a lot of Illinois or driving an extra 250 ...

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Thread: Avoid "unfriendly" CCW/gun states?

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    When I was driving back from Michigan I had a choice of going through Chicago and a lot of Illinois or driving an extra 250 miles and staying "friendly". In the grand scheme of things that extra mileage was nothing.
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    Yes, we do not plan any vacations in non-CCW states nor do we travel through them. When going to FL., we drive south and cross over from MO. into either KY. or TN.
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    I do as much as possible but If I travel by car it is almost impossible to avoid them all. I make myself a little cheat sheet and disarm when I pass through a state I cannot carry in. That's about all you can do if you want to travel. I won't go to Chicago too.

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    Just try to apply a Chicago way of living to a farming community and see what great results that bring.
    You act like it gets good results in Chicago.

    My relatives there appear to consider endemic racism and anti-Semitism, rampant corruption, a police force that's nothing but a third rate criminal gang and an insane cost of living "great results". When you tell them that where you live, people aren't selling drugs on streetcorners, you have the right to defend yourself from criminal violence, and that the police INVESTIGATE home invasion robberies instead of COMMITTING them, you just get stares of incomprehension. It must be like that to talk to North Koreans.

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    I drive from north central Oklahoma to eastern Kentucky on a regular basis. When I make the trip I go through Tennessee then north into Kentucky. Going northeast through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana before getting to Kentucky is the route every map program or GPS will give you, but since Illinois is not a free state I make other arrangements.

    When possible I avoid states that force me to disarm. That means that South Carolina is off limits even though I have family there. They get to meet me in Georgia until such time that SC recognizes a permit from my state, or a nonresident permit. It isn't ideal, but to be honest I wouldn't disarm and I prefer to follow the law at all times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ada229 View Post
    Do you avoid traveling to or through states that do not allow you to carry your gun? My wife and I used to enjoy visiting Chicago when we were dating since it is only about 3 hours from us, but since I have been "enlightened" over the past 5 or 6 years, I refuse to go for a weekend or even an hour. Chicago is a fun city with a lot to do, but if I can't carry, I'm not going. Does anyone else feel the same way or plan vacations accordingly?
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