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This is a discussion on Girlfriend scare within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would try something along the lines of a Walther style gun. My little sister (18) hates to shoot pistol. She will shoot rifle all ...

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Thread: Girlfriend scare

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    I would try something along the lines of a Walther style gun. My little sister (18) hates to shoot pistol. She will shoot rifle all day, cares less about shooting pistol whether it is my 22, 380, 40; dads 38, 357, 40; uncles 32, 38, 357 or 40 but look out if our uncle brings out his Polish 380 (much like the P64). He has a polish 380 in the style of the Walthers, I can not remember what type it is but look out she will shoot that thing all day long.

    She has talked about carrying and when it is available she will end up getting a gun like this one.

    *Edit* Found the Gun, The gun my sister likes is the PMK 380 *Edit*
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    Quote Originally Posted by boss mustang View Post
    Get her a Pink Walther P22. My daughter LOVES this gun. easy to shoot, does not have the intimidating BLACK look. When she is ready you can move her up to a real calibre. 9MM or better. Keep the Walther and shoot it for fun.
    She hates pink lol. But I think the .22 conversion kit in the glock will work just fine. And it will let me practice for cheap.

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    You need more guns!!!
    Working on it!

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    My wife jumped right into it with a .40. then she wanted more power. She only weighs 100 lbs so I wasn't too sure. I rented a .45 and she handled it quite well at the range. In real situations, I doubt she would with a .45. She still gets nervous when I sit on the couch with it holstered, or put it on the table. And when I put it under the mattress, it HAS to point away from her.

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    I have a Bersa Thunder Plus that is has such a smooth recoil and stays right on the target so well that I think it may suffice for a first time shooter, and yet would be a good carry gun for her in the long run.

    While a 45 may give her more stopping power, something that is more comfortable for her to shoot is going to perform better under duress. Everyone I know who has shot my Bersa Thunder Plus just loves the way it shoots and feels, because there is very little kick. Women especially love how smooth it is, because it doesn't jump out of their hands.

    I reccomend that gun if you only want to buy a single one to get her started, and feel that you may end up with it yourself. I sometimes carry it in the summer instead of my XD-9 because it IS a somewhat smaller frame, but it also has 15+1 rounds, so less powerfull, but more accurate and plenty of rounds.

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