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Approached by a panhandler in a mall parking lot

This is a discussion on Approached by a panhandler in a mall parking lot within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; did ya get a second date? lol I was approached in the same manner last year when meeting people in a parking lot. I saw ...

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Thread: Approached by a panhandler in a mall parking lot

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    did ya get a second date? lol

    I was approached in the same manner last year when meeting people in a parking lot. I saw the guy heading my way. I had a hand under my shirt on the grip as he got closer to my car (had just sat down/closed door). With left had I rolled down the window a couple of inches and told him to stop. He went into his sales pitch and told him I couldn't help him at the moment.

    You never can tell anymore. Anywhere, anytime, they may be the one that wants to kill you.
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    "Appropriate Distance?"

    I, also, approached in a Wal-mart parking lot not to long ago. It was broad daylight and I had made eye contact with the individual from about 40-50- feet away.

    He was holding up his driver's license and work ID in an effort to show he was peaceful. I kept the grocery cart between us and never stopped scanning the area. His story seemed to add up so I helped him with some gas money.

    Not to hijack this thread, but how would having pepper spray change people's response to the OP and what is an "appropriate distance?"

    An LEO friend of mine has told me several accounts that seem to solidify that 21 feet is an absolute minimum to protect one's self and that is having a quick response from holster to target.

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    It's rare that I'm approached (Uber-Liberal Austin is chock-full of bums; go figure), but when I am, I usually walk to meet them halfway - they invariably lose their nerve and cease their approach, and often just leave, as soon as they feel they've lost the initiative. I suppose it confuses them (the OODA loop thing). If they do persist, I just say something like "No thank you, but I appreciate the offer" (In monotone, while staring them in the eyes). Never had a come-back remark yet.
    I've been told that I'm intimidating when I'm iritated - sort of a "dark cloud," they say - so maybe that helps. (Wish I knew how to turn it on and off.)

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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    I often hunch my shoulders and growl at them. They seem to remember an appointment elsewhere.
    "If we loose Freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the Last Place on Earth!" Ronald Reagan

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    I have occasionally given money to said panhandler, because at the time it was better than a confrontation. Nothing happened. Mostly I smile and say "sorry".

    For a giggle, ask them for money before they get to you. It throws them off their game. "Hey pal, can you spare a dollar, I'm almost out of gas and I'm broke."

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    My wife is a real sucker for the panhandlers. She'll see a guy on the side of the street in ratty jeans and a shirt with the obligatory "Will work. Family hungry" signs and automatically hand him money.
    Before I started to carry, I always hated being approached by them because of a pretty bad experience.
    I was out with some friends on a Friday, and I drove there by myself. On the way back to the car at the parking garage at about 3 in the morning, I was walking up the stairs and halfway up to the floor I was on a guy comes around and asks me for money. I told him I don't have any cash, sorry. And kept moving. He put his hand in front of the rail and asked again. Mind you this guy was nasty. Not a drunk clubber...just drunk. So I tell him "No, now move out of my way." He says "no, give me money" and pushes me. The stairs we were on were open to the street on one side, and all of a sudden the entire stairwell lights up from 2 officers in seperate cars. This guy still has the nerves to ask for money and within seconds, one officer is behind me. He grabs the guy and gets in between me and him. Pats the guy down and finds out he has : a shank, a machete, 3 syringes and a razor blade on him. Now normally I would have thrown the guy past me and high-tailed it to my car or to a crowd, but being cornered like that just frazzled me.
    The officer asked if I wanted to press charges, and gave me one of those "say yes nods," so I said yes, cause its better to have the guy off the streets.

    Had to go to court 2 months later to ID the guy. When I got to court, there were 8 other people with a case against him.

    The guy got a few months in jail, and is probably back out on the street now.

    Needless to say, I feel better and safer now carrying.

    (Yay...first post)!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by automatic slim View Post
    In Albuquerque, NM we are cursed with a mayor that thinks pan handlers and border jumpers have more "rights" than the rest of us. In recent years this has led to a spate of violent assaults, stabbings and even a police officer being shot by these good citizens, when they are refused funding. I have used the strongest language possible in telling perrenial beggers to back off or else. I would urge others to do the same.
    Also in ABQ...
    As I recall, in 2002 there was one panhandler who stabbed a woman at my grocery store, and a different panhandler shot a woman either a few weeks before or after that, very close to there.

    If he's close enough to talk to you without yelling, he's close enough to kill you.

    I always carry, and I regard panhandlers as vermin.

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    I was approached by a panhandler after walking out the door of my local gun range. I thought it was a bold move and proceeded to shift my gun case to my left hand and moved my right hand towards my concealed weapon on my waist. After telling him no towards his request for money I then told him it was illegal to do this in within city limits and to get lost. His response " we dont need to call the POH-LEEZE" and left.

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    This reminds me of a similar situation this summer. My wife and I were heading home on leave, since we were in a state that doesn't honor my Texas CHL the pistol was locked in the back of the car when a guy came up while we were gasing up asking for some cash. His truck died and he coasted into the station and had already hit up the other car there so I was watching him as he approached but I definitely wished I had my gun on me.

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    An approach in a public place is a red flag and demands rapid response. Because this is the exact approach a BG would follow. So if someone closes on me within a few feet I am ready. However, I have helped people out when it seemed appropriate. I just do not let them get too close.

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    Angry Respect My Space

    If I don't know you, and I detect you are focusing on me, you earn a threat tag. If you approach, I will promptly give you visual and verbal siganls to stop - an open uprasied hand, palm forward (stop!), side to side movement of my head, stating "please stay back" or "keep away". If you don't affirmatively respond, your threat level increases. I will not allow you to get within 6 - 8 feet before I am gripping my weapon. If you are already rolling when you get to that 6 - 8 foot zone, I'll probably draw. If that defuses the situation, I'll be calling 911 to get the event on record. If it doesn't defuse the situation, I expect I'll be calling 911 for medical assistance! In many years of carrying, I've had to draw one time; the guy was approaching while cursing & brandishing a tire iron. To me, this proves my response curve is reasonable.
    People that respect themselves and others are generally loathe to intrude on the personal space of a stranger. When someone does this, they are a threat, period, until confirmed otherwise. Don't go off the deep end from the git-go, but respond accordingly.......

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    My wife says that I intimidate folks. 6-1 250. If approached I will state in a loud voice, BACKOFF! I have been surprised before, but try to evaluate the scenario. I look them in the eye and make the call. I will give money sometimes because I fill that I have a good life and make decent money. I don`t mind trying to help others if I can.

    Took the son to WallyWorld about 20:00. In the store for about 30 minutes it is just starting to get dark. We are walking through the parking lot and I am scanning the parking lot. I see a guy in a wifebeater-T and he is heading our way and has a steely eyed stare and is looking at us, then pickes up the pace. I stop and make eye contact with him at 45 yards. He turns and starts looking at other targets.
    Keep your powder dry

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