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Prepared........Paranoid, Don't cross the line.

This is a discussion on Prepared........Paranoid, Don't cross the line. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife and I often ask ourselves this exact question, only to answer it in the same fashion. The questioning is a defense mechanism to ...

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Thread: Prepared........Paranoid, Don't cross the line.

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    My wife and I often ask ourselves this exact question, only to answer it in the same fashion. The questioning is a defense mechanism to validate that we are not slipping into "Paranoia", and are merely becoming more careful and prepared as we age. Maybe that "Wisdom" deal? LOL!

    After several months of due consideration and contemplation, we began a handgun safety and handling course this September. I started visiting numerous CCW forums (Yes, This is my favorite!) We took weekly trips to the range, shot rented guns, and received patient training from a very experienced instructor. We took it slowly, and agreed that if either of us had "second thoughts" or "misgivings" that we could "withdraw" with no recriminations.

    We subsequently purchased a Glock 17 (mine) and a 26 (hers), and have continued with weekly or twice weekly training and shooting. We finished our Texas CHL course and applied to the state in November. We recently purchased two small Beretta Bobcat 21A's.

    The handguns are in addition to a small shotgun and rifle I'd shot a lot in the past (varmints, snakes and other vermin).

    Our goal is to be prepared for possible unpleasant events in an uncertain world. We live in an isolated area with only one neighbor, ten miles out of town. The county we live in is one of the poorer counties in Texas. It has experienced a phenomenal increases in crime the past 24 months, primarily due to Meth and Oxy. The problem is rampant, and growing.

    Additionally, we run off to the mountains of Colorado often, usually "to get lost" somewhere "off the map" during occasional day trips. Nothing frightening ever happened, but we see a strong need to become more prepared as the world appears to become more unstable.

    So, as we "progress" and learn, we see more need to be become more prepared. It's just our way of doing things. If we're going to do "something", we will do it very well, in a prudent manner. Paranoid, no, I think not. Prepared? We are becoming so, but we have a lot to learn. Spending time on "CC" - that's "preparation" time - learning, thinking, reading.

    I hope I havn't bored everyone to tears here, and if so, I apologize. I did want to provide a "frame of reference" for my response to the question posed: Where is the line between "paranoia" and "preparedness"?

    I believe the line is personal - if you believe you are preparing, then so be it. I believe that "paranoia" is a display of irrational behavior commonly recognized by the "common man" as irrational.

    If, however, you hear voices in the night, have arguments with them, which you lose, and otherwise have difficulty assessing the difference between "reality" and "other states" there may be an issue.

    On a more personal note, I've found the CC Forum to be very focused on training, preparation and practice, rather than paranoid ramblings of fringe type survivalists.

    As an aside, I hunted a lot as a youth (rimfire and shotgun), have carried a Buck 110 for 30 years or so, and had a leatherman in a pocket a time or two. The Buck always startled folks when I pulled it out to slice up an apple, especially if I had a suit on. LMAO! As further "background", we probably lived in a more dangerous environment (DFW) three years ago, but never gave "preparedness" the same thoughts, on this level, as we do now. Thanks CC Forum!

    Again, as a newbie, that my $.02. I DO appreciate all of the wisdom, advice, and care that goes into responses in this forum.
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    I hope I havn't bored everyone to tears here, and if so, I apologize.
    No sir, excellent post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier762
    You going to the TSSA Trail Glades IDPA match tomorrow? Hope to see you there.
    Last match of the year? You betcha! I even told boss I'll be late for work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Betty
    And there's been other times. I don't expect everybody to be prepared for everything, but I don't appreciate being called paranoid when I'm prepared for things they're not.
    And to second Betty's point, How many Central and South Floridians on this board got caught with our pants down during Wilma and Katrina? I doubt pretty much we joined the ranks of idiots who were out the day after begging for food, water and ice.

    It is not that we are paranoid, it is that they are criminally negligent with their own lives.
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    I'm not from Florida, so I can tell you what a good friend who lives in the storm belt in Florida.

    They were so burned out from one storm warning after another, they just let their guards down.

    It's sort of like having one orange alert after another. Sooner, or later, people aren't going to pay attention, and that's when the terrorists will slip tnrough.
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    It's interesting you mention Hurricane Katrina. I lived in New Orleans from "77-'80 and again from '90-'03. My sister-in-law and her kids moved there from NE Texas in "95 after she was divorced to be close the her sister (my wife). We lived about two from from one another. My wife and I moved, ironically, to NE Texas a few years ago when she was promoted at her job.

    While living in NOLA, I developed something of an "urban survivalist" mentality. With the frequent flooding, close calls from hurricanes, the crime - I was burglarized twice within my first year of moving there - and the ineffective or corrupt attitude of most local police and city officials, I realized I needed to look after myself. I began to keep extra food and water, an inflatable boat, fisherman’s waders, oil lamps, battery powered emergency lights for the house, battery powered radio and TV, a generator and my guns and ammo. My wife would frequently joke about us moving to Idaho and living in a log cabin and would sometimes ask me when I planned to use all the "stuff" I'd accumulated. I told her to laugh if she wanted, but when the time comes (notice I said when and not if), we'd be prepared.

    Time passed and aside from a few power outages from thunderstorms that lasted a few hours, we never used any of the things I'd bought. We moved to Texas and within a few months had already used some of the gear because of power outages that lasted up to a day. Katrina hit NOLA and her sister and family ended up with us for over two months and not long after they arrived, Rita came thru Texas, knocking out power here for three days. I finally got to use the generator, lamps and other gear I'd got when in New Orleans, though I didn't figure it would be after I'd moved to Texas. Luckily, there wasn't the breakdown here that happened in Louisiana, but I was prepared. If I hadn't moved from New Orleans when I did, I'd have been one of the few, probably, prepared for that as well.

    It just goes to show that you never know what will happen or when it will happen.
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    I worked for the DOJ for 23 years, so I may be a tad biased. If it's "paranoid" to think there are monster's out there, just keep in mind how many ten's of thousands of felons are released from Jails and State and Federal prisons every year. Yeah, there out there. Lot's of them, and they're NOT re-habilitated. The term is such a joke the Federal Bureau of Prisons stopped using it. You don't have to sleep with an M-16, or refuse to go to the bathroom without at least a .45, but carrying a concealed weapon is a lot like a spare tire. How often do you need one? Not often, but when you do you need it badly.
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    Terry - true words. And that reminded me of some excellent input over on THR on this sort of subject - I have not had a chance to ask him but doubt he will mind me borrowing it - it was by ''Lee Lapin"
    Not every crook/criminal/badguy is a drunken crackhead loser tweaker druggie dropout crazy stupid person. Granted a lot of them are some combination of the above (which in its own way presents an entirely new set of problems in stopping them). But you cannot ASSUME that someone setting out on a common robbery does not have a plan that has been thought out and even rehearsed. If you do ASSUME stuff like that, you worsen the risks inherent in an already bad situation. Anyone remember the word play on the word ASSUME? Well, it fits. If you are going to ASSUME things, then count on things happening that will make the situation _harder_ for you to deal with and not easier. Because it is likely to go that way.

    Prisons are not just confinement facilities for crooks. They are crook colleges. People in prison don't just wile away the hours pushing iron and making shanks to practice prison acupuncture with. They STUDY how to improve themselves as criminals. For hours and days and weeks and years they study.

    And then they get let loose, back out into a world full of potential victims. Your world and mine.

    A small percentage of them do actually better themselves as a result of their prison time, they pay their supposed debt to society and go out to try and live better.

    Most do not.

    Most go back out still criminals, not JUST criminals but BETTER criminals. I could talk to my wife the PhD who teaches criminology at a local university and get you the current statistics on recidivism, but I don't think that is necessary. It has ALWAYS been that most people who go to prison come out unrehabilitated, and continue following lifelong criminal careers interrupted only by prison time.

    So figure on not running into someone who just embarked on their first venture across the line into lawbreaking. Oh, it happens. I know of people who were chosen as victims by rank amateur first-time criminals- but you can't count on that happening to you. If you ASSUME that criminals are stupid, you may setting yourself up for a genuinelyl nasty surprise.

    Criminals know what those curved mirrors are. They know the mirrors are there to catch THEM and people like them shoplifting. They know that the doors of upright coolers reflect images from the right angles, and the insides of glass doors and windows and all sorts of other surfaces too. And they know to use them. They know they need advantages on their side if they are to carry out a successful predation, just like any other predator does. They plan for ways to HAVE those advantages much of the time. And if you ASSUME they do not, you are well on your way to making yourself that creature described by the first three letters of the word ASSUME.

    I know of a number of instances where LEOs and others have been shot or killed by what I call 'tailgunners' who went into a store the group planned to rob a few minutes early and made themselves inconspicuous until the deal went down. They were there specifically to ambush ANYONE who played hero or got in the way or wandered in while the robbery was happening. If you are in a place and something like that starts, you had best know what is on your six before you commence the hero bit. It may be that there is a tailgunner there with you already in his sights.

    I remind folks that my friend Steve KNOWS this stuff down into his bone marrow, after a career being stalked by professional predators in a legitimate business that draws criminals like wildebeast migrations draw lions even now. It is a business I have had some peripheral involvement with myself, and I have carried guns while working security for people I know who were in that business. It makes one nervous to be stalked by professionals, if one has any imagination at all.

    This event made SM very nervous for very good reasons. He was kind enough to offer some aspects of it here in order to share the educational aspects of the situation with us. Smart people can learn from the experiences of others without having to experience everything themselves.

    It is NOT hardware details that matter in situations like this. It is SOFTWARE that counts. It is software stuff that is worth paying attention to here. SM carries a pistol he knows from long experince to be reliable. He knows from thousands of rounds sent downrange under a lot of different circumstances how far away he can hit what with it. If you carry a gun you'd better know that stuff too, as well as what to be aware of that might tip you off a fight is in the offing. If you DON'T know that stuff... well, no need to go there.

    Some might recall the ongoing convoluted story of an active shooter situation in a mall recently. The most seriously wounded victim of this shooting spree actually was carrying a pistol. But he challenged the shooter verbally, even after hearing the shooter fire multiple rounds of whet he knew from the sound to be centerfire rifle fire. He did not engage the shooter, he yelled at him like an irate hall monitor- and got shot repeatedly for his trouble. There are several lessons there as well I can't go into here. But it was an example of how NOT to do some things that I hope some people who habitually carry guns will learn from the easy way.

    Over and over I have seen SM type- you cannot buy skill, you cannot buy targets, you have to practice practice practice. Well, here it is again. Learn what indications telegraph trouble, be aware of your location and the things and people around you, know where emergency exits are, be prepared to act in an appropriate manner given evolving circumstances. SM accomplished all that in this case. Every good self defense instructor I know counts a fight avoided by personal preparation and proper preliminary action as a fight won.

    This one was a win.

    Understand I am in no position to preach (and I know there are people on this board who are qualified by training and experience to do so). I am not the arbiter of all things tactical, I am no professional gunsel. I hope in some small way to help good people understand some aspects of the odds arrayed against them and that is all. I cannot predict the odds of any given individual reading this being involved in a violent situation. I cannot schedule my own emergencies, much less yours.

    But neither can you. I was never a Boy Scout but I still believe in being prepared. You should too...
    Chris - P95
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    It Changes...


    First, I am glad we are back online and the format is great.

    Now, this is a quote from a Bad Guy in my area that was recently caught. I posted this in my in the news post about a shop owner that was recently killed in Mooresville, NC by a bad guy. Well this is what the guy said to reporters while the deputies were escorting him into the jail.

    " Well, he tried to shoot me in self defense, so I pulled the trigger."

    Read that statement and call me paranoid if I keep a pistol on me when not at work. Call me paranoid if I train with the pistol and think of scenarios. I tell you what an old soldier told me once. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. I really don't know why the good guy lost in the shoot out. That is really presuppositional now, but some questions could be raised:

    1. Did he just carry the weapon he fired in a just in case mind set, and was slow and unskilled in its deployment?

    2. Did he have any firearms experience?

    3. Was it just his time?

    These questions friends the answers I don't know, but as I watched that BG enter the jail whom street name was "Body Bag" I made up in my mind that I will never go without effectively engaging the threat. Time is tuff people and the world is moving much too fast, so prepare just in case you have to fight, and if the fight comes fight, just in case you live.
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    " Well, he tried to shoot me in self defense, so I pulled the trigger."
    Rare thing - I am all but lost for words! But that sure as heck tells us something - indeed it does.
    Chris - P95
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    I have admitted to my wife being a little paranoid. And the possibilities in my mind cause me to be prepared. So, we've agreed and settled on something that I am, and which is OK. I'm a "preparanoid".

    I say let's call Mr. Webster and get it listed. Can't be too much worse than some recent contemporary additions.


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    It could also be percentages. A certain percentage of the population t large is paranoid. That's going to show up among ccw'ers also.

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    "Paranoia is just reality on a finer scale"

    I'd have to say I know an overly paranoid person or two, lol...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarhead79
    The person to whom the reference was made did seem overly paranoid. Kinda crazy even. I don't stock lots of guns in my house, or keep loaded guns stashed all over my house. I have small kids, and that'd be kinda stupid.
    You made your choice. Others make different choices.

    Lives differ. Choices differ.

    Even in relatively pleasant Idaho idiots come through and drugs are a problem.

    When hardened types roll in, they expect the yokels to roll over - which leads to an altogether different type of problem than I ever experienced living in a big city.
    Driver carries less than $45 worth of remorse.

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    One man's paranoid is another man's common sense.

    Paranoid is defined as "Exhibiting or characterized by extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others" ( In this age of whackos who will kill you to get into a gang, take your car/wallet, or just for the thrill of it, I don't think carrying a gun and not automatically trusting the average joe on the street is unreasonable.

    I believe in taking responsibility for myself, including protection for myself, as well as for all of my actions. Carrying a gun facilitates that. So does keeping a reasonable stash of emergency stores.

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    All I can say is WOW!!! I thought I'd get a few responses, but not 5 pages worth. I know that most of us aren't crazy, frightened people that fit into the paranoid category. I brought up this topic after reading what one person wrote on a different forum.

    I don't remember exactly, but this guy mentioned something like surveillance cameras, at least two guns on person, shotgun behind door, gun on every nightstand, on every table, in every room, and the list went on and on. I think this guy had at least 20 guns loaded in his house.

    If any of you exhibit this type of behavior, I apologize, but to me, this guy is VERY paranoid.

    Without mykids, I'd surely have a loaded revolver in the nightstand. I always keep a gun on my side. But the extent this guy went to was even hard to believe. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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