The old "I'm outa' gas can you help me" trick

The old "I'm outa' gas can you help me" trick

This is a discussion on The old "I'm outa' gas can you help me" trick within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Was just about to pump gas into my car when approached by a young man, white tee, dirty tan shorts, crew cut.....'sorry to bother you....I'm ...

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Thread: The old "I'm outa' gas can you help me" trick

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    The old "I'm outa' gas can you help me" trick

    Was just about to pump gas into my car when approached by a young man, white tee, dirty tan shorts, crew cut.....'sorry to bother you....I'm so embarrassed to ask you but my car...', "I have no money, sorry" was my reply as I kept the now turned on pump in his direction with my left hand as my right hand went behind my back touching my Pro CDP II in VMII. He was about 15 feet away when the station manager shows up and tells him to scat. Seems he was hanging around all day. Sad part is that he had a kid in the car and a woman in the front seat that I finally saw when his 'empty' car started and drove off.
    Glad I didn't have to show him the CDP, that's where my money went!
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    You did well! I don't give bums squat, but a really dirty look...I guess I am not a friendly looking person because bums usually leave me alone.

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    Odd, I get asked often (and don't look that friendly). I usually just give them a polite but firm "no". I recall many years ago, I gave one a couple bucks. Told him to get something to eat. Saw him and his buddy a bit later coming out of the party store with a couple 40's. He actually gave me some attitude when he saw me (as if to say, I shouldn't tell him how to spend 'his" money).

    I also recall my Grandfather deciding to help out one who came to the door of his house. Guy had the nerve to grab his wallet and run when Grandpa generously opened his wallet to offer some assistance to the less fortunate.

    If you're feeling charitable, there are plenty of legitimate charity organizations gladly accepting donations and knowing how best to benefit those in need. Going the direct route, well.... it just isn't wise!
    Regards, T Bone.

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". Benjamin Franklin

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    With the price of should be ready when pumping.
    Sounds like you did the right thing.

    I get a a few walk up in the mall lots. Need money for gas line. I just tell them I spent all my cash on a fill up. That usually gets them to leave. If not, I usually get a little more mean!!
    One man with a gun can control 100 without one.
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    You did the correct thing...

    I don't give 'beggars' a penny...I despise seeing men in their 20's or 30's using signs to plead their 'hard times'.

    If approached, my look, my demeanor, and my stern words of 'wisdom' (I say wisdom because panhandlers usually seem a bit smarter after I start 'enlightening' them on how I feel about their practices.) usually causes panhandlers to change directions, quickly...

    None have ever seemed to want to stay around and discuss what they want.

    Stay armed...don't let them get too close and don't be friendly...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

    Certified Glock Armorer
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    Where ever the government says go
    you did the right thing
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    i get that a lot out here. happened just the other week. if the dude can afford that $30,000 car, he can afford to put the premium gas it requires into it.

    The dude tried to trade me tools and cd's for gas.

    I was on heightened alert the whole time.
    Let's Roll - Todd Beamer


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    A friend was approached as he stopped getting off at the interstate exit.

    My friend offered to take him to a local downtown rescue mission that would give him a temporary place to stay and a hot meal and could help him find work.

    The fella said FU and turned to go back to his "I've been laid off work and...." sign.
    Grassroots SC, SC CWP, NH NR-PRL

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    About 2 years ago -- it was a Sunday evening just at dusk. I knew I needed gas and I knew I wouldn't want to have to stop to fill up at 5:30 the next morning; so I got dressed and went to the neighborhood gas station a few blocks from my house.

    My little dog wanted to go for a "RIDE", so I took her with me. I was thinking, I could have gotten my husband to do it, and he would have; but I went on and didn't ask him to go with me.

    As I drove up to the station, I saw a guy loitering around and KNEW he'd approach me for money. A year or so before that, there had also been robberies at another gas station down the street, so that was in the back of my mind too.

    In getting prepared for an alteraction: I took the keys out of the ignition and put them in my pocket (so he couldn't carjack the truck); I took my debit card out of the wallet and put the wallet in my console (so I didn't have it on me in case he wanted to rob me); I left the door ajar (in case I needed to jump back in) but didn't leave it all the way open like I might have normally to keep the door between me and the potential bad guy (because my sweet little dog was in the truck and I didn't want to take the chance she would jump out) -- which also put in the back of my mind --> if he tried to carjack the truck, he'd get my dog, Lily - who is my heart.

    I was so involved in preparing myself to be approached, trying to decide what I'd say to him, WHEN he came around the side of the gas pump and said, "Excuse me, maam..." --> he scared me so bad I jumped forward and at the same time, I ROARED like a heavy metal lead singer: "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!". He jumped backward at least 2 feet with his hands up as if I had shot him. And he left me alone, saying something like, "I'm sorry ma'am..." and he disappeared.

    The thought of getting robbed or carjacked or just bothered by a panhandler wasn't what brought that Mama Bear out in me. It was the thought of him taking my sweet Lily. Don't mess with my dog, man!!

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    The old "I'm outa' gas can you help me" trick
    You handled it well, good for you. I've been approached before in similar circumstances.

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    I have no problem giving people gasoline or a meal, but when it comes to cash that ain't gonna happen. Nine times out of ten they'll use the money for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

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    I saw a guy with a sign at a busy intersection; there are a lot around here.
    The sign read "Why lie, I want a six-pack" !!!
    If I had been in the left lane, I would spared a buck, just for the humor.
    The first rule of a gunfight: "Don't be there !"
    The second rule: "Bring enough gun"

    (NRA Life Member/Instructor - GOA - IDPA - GSSF - ex-IHMSA)

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    My wife dislikes it, but I usually send them the other way when I say firmly, "Get a effen job!". They seem to understand that...

    On a bit of a tangent, I nearly fell over laughing once when I came out of a Twins game on a hot afternoon and there was a begger sitting passed out with his sign upside down!

    Quote Originally Posted by jfl View Post
    I saw a guy with a sign at a busy intersection; there are a lot around here.
    The sign read "Why lie, I want a six-pack" !!!
    If I had been in the left lane, I would spared a buck, just for the humor.
    Now there's a man with high goals...won't settle for a "40"....

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    i am a Pastor and have people come to my house and ask for gas and money. Just recently @ 2:30 am I was awakened by my dog and a Knock at the Door. The lady said her daughter was in Shreveport La and she needed some cash for gas to go and get her. Well I am usally a good samaritan and try to help. However I never answer the door @ 2:30am without my night stand Ruger P95.
    I offer to go to the gas station and buy the gas and turn around to go get my boots and she changed her mind . She probably sees the gun and glad she did.there may have been someone with her.What Kind of person goes to a complete strangers house @2:30am. Some people are simply trying to set you up. I believe in COMPASSION, But if you are here to rob me and take away a DAD /husband you are going to be disappointed with the results. By the way the lady left without Gas.
    Most people want cash and think they can lie to you to get what they really want. Good people have been taken advantage of in our Country now a days and some times its hard to tell the difference . I will always try err on the side of Kindness. But enabling people by giving them money to get them to go away is not who I am. If you want help I Will, But let s fix the problem not treat the Symptom.
    Why Would A Preacher ever need a Gun? Its Not for the Sheep , its for the Wolves!

    Springfield Armory Service XD 40
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    I rarely give beggars money, but occasionally, I'll get the vibe that I should. Once, when walking into the McDonalds on Fremont St in Las Vegas, I was approached by a man asking for money for food. I said that if he was hungry, I would buy him a meal, and he gratefully accepted. As he ate, I noticed his swollen foot, that was bare. I asked him what the problem was and he said that he was saving a little of what he was given for food to get shoes. I handed him $40, and told him to go to Payless and get a pair.

    But the strangest thing happened one night with a guy who never asked me for money. I was having a few beers with a friend at a local bar. I noticed a hispanic man come in and sit down. My friend then told me about the guy. He was a former world boxing champion in a lower weight class. He developed cancer, and could no longer fight. His wife and kid left him, and he was homeless. But I looked at a man that was very well kept-clean, his clothes neatly arranged. In him, I saw a man who truly took pride in himself, in spite of his problems. I bought him a beer, and as I left, for some reason, I took the hundred dollar bill that I had in my wallet, and went up to him, and said "I have no pity for you, but I do have respect", and handed him the bill. A couple of nights later, I was talking to the bartender's girlfriend, when he walked in and saw me. He came up to me and said "you were the one who helped me Sunday, weren't you?" I said yes, and he told me "I had planned to leave the bar that night and kill myself. But when you helped me, I changed my mind. I talked to my wife today, and I'm leaving for California in the morning. We're going to try again." I was stunned, as was the girl that I was talking to. Every once in a while, you really can make a difference.

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