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What would you have done?

This is a discussion on What would you have done? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I do work on cars for a living and do run into this situation. I am the owner of the shop. I will unload the ...

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Thread: What would you have done?

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    I do work on cars for a living and do run into this situation. I am the owner of the shop. I will unload the weapon and make it safe and return it to the customer when they pick up the car. I don't like guns or other high value items left in cars when I work on them because I don't want to be responsible for them, especially if I have to send the car out for further repair...like a windshield or bodywork...where it will be out of my custody. Sometimes people are forgetful. I had one customer who had misplaced the gun a year ago and couldn't find it. Sometimes people don't know they're there...like the previous owner left the gun in the car and the car changed hands.

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    I would of called the owner and let him know. Then locked the vehicle up have him come back and secure the weapon then I would of worked on the vehicle.
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    I would have continued the repair, move the vehicle out to the lot, make sure the doors were locked and the keys secured in the office (along with other customers keys). End of story no big deal.

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    If it was under the drivers seat I would ahve moved it to the trunk. If under the passebger seat I would have left it there. Years ago I had a bottle roll out from under the seat that someone had left in the car and get between the brake and the floorboard almost causing me to not be able to stop and hit someone headon. Since then I have a horror of something sliding out under my feet and that includes guns. I NEVER store anything under the drivers seat nor will I ride with someone that does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    ...When did it become our responsibility to police the rest of the world for something that is probably not even illegal...
    I agree that a discrete phone call to the owner would be in order, and locking in the trunk if more than a one-man shop.

    But if I saw that the serial number had been ground off, that kinda changes the rules a bit...

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    I would leave it alone but I would talk to the guy and educate he did a stupid thing to leave a gun in the car.

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    Sorry I missed checking in yesterday. (I took the gun to the range last night ) just kidding
    Basically the vehicle was with us all week. The customer just picked it up today after being out of town.
    I discussed the issue with the owner of the shop before hand and he told me to not say a word to the customer and to leave it where it was.
    Not really my idea of the proper way to handle it but he is the boss and signs my checks.

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    Like you say, he's the boss. The situation has been resolved, so further discussion would be pointless.

    The thread is now closed.

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