100% concealed 100% of the time?

100% concealed 100% of the time?

This is a discussion on 100% concealed 100% of the time? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, Informative forum. I am a newbie, but I did carry years ago. I have a Colt gold cup that has a throated barrel, polished ...

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Thread: 100% concealed 100% of the time?

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    100% concealed 100% of the time?


    Informative forum. I am a newbie, but I did carry years ago. I have a Colt gold cup that has a throated barrel, polished feed ramp and millet combat sights. I am considering carrying again and will of course acquire the proper permit if I choose to do so. My question is can one carry an effective firearm and have it concealed at all times? I am speaking of dressing business casual (dockers, tucked in shirt) where a cover garment would be out of place. I am not married to the Colt or against carrying it, if a proper holster/system can do it (smart carry, holster shirt). Should I consider a smaller weapon (classic air weight .38, Ruger 101, etc.)? Thank you.

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    My question is can one carry an effective firearm and have it concealed at all times? I am speaking of dressing business casual (dockers, tucked in shirt) where a cover garment would be out of place.
    Yes you can achieve an effective concealed carry under the conditions that you describe in your post. There are available a large variety of concealed carry systems for tucked carry. SmartCarry offers another approach.

    Do a search and you will find literally hundreds of answers to your question.
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    i conceal like 90% of the time..the other 10% is either OC or NC (No Carry.. I work on school grounds)

    I carry a XD9 4''...not small, not large and it conceals good on me. Also, I don't tuck my shirts in, so there isn't much of a problem, but it would be if i tucked my shirt in. If you regularly tuck in shirts and go biz casual, you may want to get something smaller.

    my .02.
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    100% conceal carry? Sure, but you will have to work at it 100% of the time. I don't carry 100% of the time and I doubt serously that anyone does. When I am out on my property, I am open carry, in town, I am CC..don't think I could devote all my time and effort to 100% CC
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    Depends on where I am going and if my family is with me or not but most of the time I do carry. When I can leave my shirt untucked, I'll carry my Para 9 LDA but when I want to tuck the shirt then my trusty Smith 642 goes for the ride. Conceals very well undetected.

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    I conceal carry 100% of the time unless i'm in bed,I conceal a 3.5" 1911 45 IWB and sometimes a SA 5" 1911-A1,they do make tuckable holsters where you can tuck your shirt over the weapon into your pants,I personally think with the sights etc. might be a bit much and you may look at a 45 in a smaller package
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    I wear a full sized 5" .45 XD in a Comp-Tac minotaur holster. It can tuck under a business casual shirt (wore mine like that to church a few weeks ago). I find it to be very comfortable and the adjustable angle allows me to keep the grip from sticking out when tucked under a shirt. Normally I carry under an untucked shirt or vest, but it is very possible to wear anywhere I can legally carry.
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    I carry a 5" 1911 and dress as you described. It can be done with a t-shirt undergarment and then "blouse" a shirt that has a long shirt-tail over your gun. I also will blouse my shirt all the way around my waist with it untucked over my gun but turn under the hem where the holster is. It is a bit of a pain but can be done. Usually the only thing that will show are the straps around your belt.

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    100%er Here.....

    CCW is not just a fad, or something you do occassionally you either carry or your don't. Carrying a gun for protection is something that needs to be practiced IMHO 100% where legal to do. Other wise you may want to consider other options.

    That being said you don't Carry your gun to your dress you dress to carry a gun. What I mean is one option may not be always the best option. I prefer strong side belt holsters but sometimes that may just not be feasible. Jogging, In a Car for long periods, Riding motor cycle, etc....may be other times you might need to modify your dress and your method of carry. I'm not a big fan of shoulder rigs, or off body carry but sometimes its that or nothing.

    I for one do not own alot of suits plus being in the south its kinda hot sometimes therefore a pocket gun might be a better option. I actually have two guns around all the time, not only for the BUG reason but for the method of carry. I always have a full size Glock/ and or compact/ in either an IWB or SS hip, and the corresponding baby glock in a pocket holster in a Tommy fanny pack.
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    I carry 2 different guns, depending on dress. If I can wear a cover garment then I carry my XD 45 in my Maxcon V IWB holster. When I can't wear the cover garment, then I carry my Glock 26 (soon to be a Glock 30) in my right front pocket using a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. The Nemesis keeps the gun from printing. I prefer pocket carry to Smartcarry, because to me, if I have to draw, I want to be able to draw quickly. So, this combination works for me.

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    First off, Welcome Aboard!

    I've carried for the better part of 20 years. I've been "made" a few times when trying to be 100% concealed. It happens.

    There are many options for carrying your sidearm concealed.....very well I 'll add. It's very easy, with the right holster(s) to wear your sidearm with your tucked in shirt. A search of this Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions fourm will reveal MANY topics on that subject alone.

    The answer is.....yes, you can carry your handgun (a very effective one at that)
    AND have it concealed all the time.

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    100% of the time ... I don't think so
    I don't carry:
    - in the shower
    - in the pool
    - in bed
    - activities I wont discuss here
    - etc...
    I don't carry at home, but my wife does.

    Sorry for being a [Edited] but I feel very strongly that some words, such as "always", "never", "forever", "100%" are not, most of the time, applicable to human endeavors. I know, it sounds nit-picking, but words condition the thoughts ... unfortunately.
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    from Central Florida!

    Almost always...

    Stay armed...any place, any time...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I went from a Glock 31 standard size to a .38 Spl + P Airlight J-frame.

    The Glock remains my main carry. The J-Frame is my EDC.

    To most, that does not make much sense. But I don't know if there is a term for the difference.

    I may carry the Glock more often, but there is never a day I can't take my J-frame.

    Just like a shotgun choke, different applications for different uses. IMO, for most, one gun may not fit every need.

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    Welcome to the forum. I also live in Ft. Wayne. I conceal a Sig 229R quite well in an IWB(inside waist band) holster...I wear an Andrews McDaniell Holster II. I just bought a Kahr PM9 for pocket carry in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster and have a Hign Noon Down Under on order.

    I believe this will cover all of my carry Needs. The 229 will be my promary carry, been carrying 6+ months undetected. The pm9 will be for dressier occasions.
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