Ammo on planes

Ammo on planes

This is a discussion on Ammo on planes within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does any one know if ammunition has to be locked in a case or if it can just be put in your checked bag. Thanks...

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Thread: Ammo on planes

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    Ammo on planes

    Does any one know if ammunition has to be locked in a case or if it can just be put in your checked bag.

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    check with the air line your flying with. they should have a very detailed list of what you can and cant bring on planes and in bags
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    Quote Originally Posted by rustynail View Post
    Does any one know if ammunition has to be locked in a case or if it can just be put in your checked bag.
    My own experience and understanding is that ammo does not have to be locked in a case. Not sure if it is still the case, but at first it was required that the ammo be in the original box, and not in the locked case that contains the gun. No ammo in the magazines.
    It is OK to be in the same suitcase.

    I have followed that in a fair number of flights with no problem.


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    The only times I have carried ammo and gun are when I've done the following:
    • Ensured I first book on an airline that allows it.
    • Put two separate, locked cases inside a checked piece of luggage, with one containing ammo and the other containing the firearm(s).
    • Documented everything at check-in, including having the person give it the once-over prior to locking everything up.

    That has worked every time. That's with pistols. Haven't gone with hunting rifles before, at least not on an airline.
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    I just flew last week from Newark Airport to Phoenix on Continental.

    I put a box of Gold Dots in the same handgun case that I had my pistol and 2 empty mags in.

    I double locked the case and had the case in a hard sided suitcase secured with a TSA padlock.

    No problems at all.

    Continental's and TSA policy is that ammo doesn't have to be locked up.

    Check your airline and the TSA website. Print out the regs from both and have them with you in case of problems.

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    From the TSA Website:

    You may only transport firearms, ammunition and firearm parts in your checked baggage. Firearms, ammunition and firearm parts are prohibited from carry-on baggage.

    • You must declare all firearms to the airline during the ticket counter check-in process.
    • The firearm must be unloaded.
    • The firearm must be in a hard-sided container.
    • The container must be locked. A locked container is defined as one that completely secures the firearm from access by anyone other than you. Cases that can be pulled open with little effort do not meet this criterion. The pictures provided here illustrate the difference between a properly packaged and an improperly packaged firearm.
      We recommend that you provide the key or combination to the security officer if he or she needs to open the container. You should remain present during screening to take the key back after the container is cleared. If you are not present and the security officer must open the container, we or the airline will make a reasonable attempt to contact you. If we can't contact you, the container will not be placed on the plane. Federal regulations prohibit unlocked gun cases (or cases with broken locks) on aircraft.
    • You must securely pack any ammunition in fiber (such as cardboard), wood or metal boxes or other packaging that is specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.
    • You can't use firearm magazines/clips for packing ammunition unless they completely and securely enclose the ammunition (e.g., by securely covering the exposed portions of the magazine or by securely placing the magazine in a pouch, holder, holster or lanyard).
    • You may carry the ammunition in the same hard-sided case as the firearm, as long as you pack it as described above.
    • You can't bring black powder or percussion caps used with black-powder type firearms in either your carry-on or checked baggage.

    Airlines may have their own additional requirements on the carriage of firearms and the amount of ammunition that you may have in your checked baggage. Therefore, travelers should also contact the airline regarding its firearm and ammunition carriage policie

    TSA: Traveling with Special Items
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    The only ammo hastle I have had was the airline griped about loaded mags. Turns out that they want the ammo contained somehow so it cant' roll around free. In a mag is not enough, but a mag in a pouch is okay. Likewise, ammo in a box is also acceptable.

    (My debate was all for not, as the airline somehow demolished the magazine. Learned a lesson that day as I drove home with one in the pipe and no mag...)

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    Up here it has to be in the box made by the manufacturer, although if it is in a sturdier case they will accept that.

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    I have traveled with ammo before . It depends on the airline . Usually you can have up to 11lbs of ammo all in original box it came in no loose cartridges. merlin45kout

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    Now that we all know the rules, consider the case of the woman in Albany NY who followed all the rules and was arrested at the airport when she declared the gun in checked luggage.
    The rules don't mean anything on a given day.

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    I do the TSA Waltz every two weeks - usually with Southwest. Guns have to be locked up and empty. Ammo has to be in the original box (TSA) or in a container that wont allow them to go boom. The ammo does not normally need to be locked.
    What usually happens is that you tell the checkin agent you have a firearm to declare. They ask to see it as you fill out a form. They ask about ammo, but most of the time it doesnt matter what you answer to the checkin agent - so I usually say no.
    I know Im going to catch it for that last line, but the bag is then taken to a TSA screening area and 100% of the time its off to its destination.
    There are "official" rules for this stuff, but every single airline and airport works it differently.
    Manchester tapes the form on the outside of the locked gun box. Denver puts it inside. Orlando wants two forms - one inside one taped to it. Phoenix doesnt even care if the form is in or out or in your pocket.

    As long as it passes the CTX (X-ray for TSA) your golden.

    Most of the folks at the checkin have no clue what to do or what they are looking at. Follow the rules but when in doubt dont give out too much information. Just my observations as a very frequent flyer.

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    I always review TSA's and the specific airline's rules before packing the gun. On most airlines' website, it can be found under a button called "packing," "help with packing" or "Frequently Asked Questions." Follow these rules and procedures to the letter. When in doubt, always err on the side of more security for the gun and ammo.

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