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This is a discussion on Let me get a flavor. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by san antone rr Texas. Guns in pickup windows. Need I say more? In the county I live currently, it's pretty much the ...

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Thread: Let me get a flavor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by san antone rr
    Texas. Guns in pickup windows. Need I say more?
    In the county I live currently, it's pretty much the above. However, the DFW metro, from which we escaped four years ago, appears to have its fair share of "Blissninnies". Since we're only 55 miles from Dallas (and closer to the outlying 'burbs) we are seeing some effects of "urban creep" with its trappings, to wit, Hummers used to go buy groceries, etc. With this comes, in my nightmares, the urban disaster.

    The county we're in now is only about 1.6% CHL permitted, so it goes without saying, the BG's outnumber us a lot! Only 4 County Sheriiff Deputies, and a few local PD's. The druggies, thieves and other scum outnumber law abiding folks with CHL's by multiples.

    Notwithstanding the above, though, there are a lot of long guns and hunters here - deer, boar, turkey, birds - etc. - so hunting is a major recreation, though not to the extent of Michigan or PA in my estimation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team American
    Colorado became a "shall issue" state a couple of years ago (even with the usual "blood-in-the-streets" media screeching ), but I don't think that the law enforcement folks in the county that I live in (Arapaho) like it at all
    Isn't Arapahoe County Aka "The Sheeples Republic of Denver"?

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    Well, Ohio is kind of a hodge-podge. Several of the cities and their surrounding areas are rather anti-gun - like Columbus, Toldeo and Cleveland. But most of the state is pretty rural and the people out here own guns, hunt and some of them carry. Not sure of the percentage. Unfortunately sometimes the anti's get the upper hand, even though IMO most of the state is pro-gun.

    Oh, and I applied for my CCW in the county next to where I live. The sheriff deputy was very helpful, friendly and things went very well. I think I had my license in a week, week and a half tops.
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    PA-Schuylkill County- Lots of "huntin n fishin" going on and lots of guns inc ccw.

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    I live in your typical suburbia hell in S. Florida. Gated community with people more worried about appearances than anything else. I know one of my neighbors carries. I have only discussed guns with one other neighbor who is very interested in going shooting. Not sure about permits in my town. I think it is probably half and half, gun owners to non with some who carry.

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    VA - Chesterfield Co. Friendliness Factor - 6/10. Blissninny Factor 7/10. I live in the schizoid Richmond area - a conservative suburb of a liberal stronghold (Richmond). The Chesterfield Co. public schools are trying their best to raise generations of blissninnies. I had to work hard to keep my kids de-programmed. Most of the suburban inhabitants, here, are blissninnies, but as soon as you get to the more rural spots, it shifts to pro-gun. CCPD is officially gun-neutral, so I would have given them a 5/10, but everyone was so friendly about the process, and timely, that I gave them another point. VSP is headquartered, here, and I know a forensic ballistician in the state lab. VSP is carefully gun neutral, too, though if you meet some of the officers at the range across the street from the headquarters, they seem friendly enough. They do like the 357SIG, and have been with it longer than anything else since the decades they were using .357 Mag. RPD, at least the street cops I've met, are vocally anti-gun, and Richmond (home of Project Exile and the ATF/Gun Show debacle) is not gun-friendly.
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    I rate my locale a 10/10. Don't believe me. Check this out: http://www.combatcarry.com/vbulletin...hlight=sheriff
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    Probably the only home based FFL that doesn't do transfers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty
    TN is good, even Nashville. All the cops I've come across are pro-carry. There will be cops at the gun show, and while I think some are there because they have to be, I've noted at least one peddling guns. I'll come across some people who crinkle their noses, but most non-gun people don't freak out or even care. I've turned a fencesitter or two around.

    From everything I've heard, Chief Serpas is pretty much an Anti - luckily we're a "shall issue" state so he can't do anything about it. I believe he might at least try to influence my C&R application though so I haven't filed it yet (plus, it's confusing as Hell!).

    When we first got permit legislation back in the '90s it was "may issue" at the discretion of county sheriffs. I called to ask about getting one and the Sheriff asked why I wanted it (rural, Sumner county) ... apparently protection while travelling and remote fishing wasn't a good enough reason 'cause he cut me off short and hung up. Interesting note: A few years later that same Sheriff was forced to leave office (or else be prosecuted) for trying to make evidence in his daughter's drug bust "disappear." Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

    Overall, TN is still an agricultural state in most areas so hunting and guns are a way of life.

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