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If we are hit

This is a discussion on If we are hit within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In my younger days of scrapping and sprts I have had several fairly "serious" injuries. Broken bones and torn ligaments. I did not notice the ...

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Thread: If we are hit

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    In my younger days of scrapping and sprts I have had several fairly "serious" injuries. Broken bones and torn ligaments. I did not notice the pain immediately and the situation was not life threatening. Based on that I believe (but not tempted to find out for sure) that I am capable of carrying on until completely incapacitated. I stick with that belief in the event that time comes and it turns out that what really matters is what you believe you are capable of. (power of positive thinking and all that)
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    An interesting discussion. I've been shot, shot at and survived numerous life threatening situations over the years, but never at the same time! I was shot at in the military and as a teen (a neighbor thought I was a burglar once and fired at me with a shotgun... he missed). I was accidentally shot in the leg by a cousin who was cleaning a rife that was "unloaded" when I was 12. It was in the meaty part of my leg, on the inner thigh a few inches above the knee. BTW, it HURT! I can't remember the times I was a heartbeat away from seeing the white light at the end of the tunnel while flying for 20 years with the navy and I won't even include the accidents I've been in (broke my neck in the last one back in '94, that's why I retired from the navy) and the just plain dumb things I've done. I sometimes surprise myself I've lived as long as I have!

    What I've learned about myself is I don't panic. Maybe it's the navy training or just having "been there and done that" more times than I can count anymore. Still, the question I try to remind myself of is this... what about those things I haven't experienced? I've never been robbed at gunpoint or caught in the middle of a gunfight. I suppose I’ll keep my head, but until it happens, I'll never know for sure. I DO know getting shot hurts and that if fired on, I will fire back. Beyond that, I can only guess.
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    I'm in the 'don't know until you're there' camp. Truthfully, I hope to never find out. I managed to crack my ribs from collarbone to sternum while riding a dirtbike when I was young, in the middle of nowhere, by myself. Saying 'it hurt' really doesn't do it justice. I made it home, but I'm not entirely sure how. That's what counts, really, just make it home.
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    In my experience (not being shot), I felt the pressure of the blows I took, but did not feel the pain until after it was over. Being hit did not prevent me from staying focused on defending myself. When I broke my leg, this fall, I was in a situation where I could not stop what I was doing. I knew instantly that the leg was broken and that I could put no weight on it, but I felt no pain. I was able to hand off and solve the situation, and did not start to hurt until I was enroute to the hospital. This has made me imagine that if I were hit, it would not prevent me from defending myself unless it were a critical hit, that I would not lose focus on the problem at hand. I could be wrong, of course - shock can be tricksy - but I imagine, at least, that I would feel the pressure of the hit and be able to continue if I was able to continue at all, and wait to hurt until later.
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    I have not been hit from a bullet but have been badly cut and beaten at different times. The two times I was cut it was not apparent how bad till much later, in one situation it was not till several days later that my tendon onto of my thumb was cut in two. Even the hospital doctor missed it.

    Can you prepare for this? Yes and no, it depends on your mind set not your training in and of itself. Will it work for everyone? No, at least in my mind, if you do not have the resilience to continue the fight in the wake of overwhelming odds or simply this is not in your demeanor then it is not going to happen.
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    Everything in this discussion should be an addendum to the "How many times do you fire at assailant?" discussion.

    Everything that we train for, scenario, imagine or have experienced could have been considered or experienced by a BG.
    Unlikely perhaps, but possible...and training and mindset should consider all possibilities.

    Like others, I have experienced situations that lead me to believe I am not prone to panic...though the adrenalin crash afterwards has been severe a couple times.

    What I'm thinking here...and this never occurred to me until I read this thread...is that if I ever have to shoot, the BG might just be as resilient as I hope I would be, so I damn well better be sure my shots were effective before I let down my guard.

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    I'm like most people here, haven't been shot. Had my but kicked a few times in martial arts sparring. Wasn't fun but gave a respectable showing. I have been in a few car accidents, it all seems to go into slow motion, the body continues to act, the mind is just along for the ride. The shakes come afterward and last for a while. The few bad injuries I've had seem to give me a minute or two of "oh look, that cut went REAL deep" before the pain kicks in. So I'm hoping if I ever do get shot, I'll be functional long enough. But I hope I never find out.

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    Past predicts The Future

    Like some others here I have been shot at but, not hit!

    The primary lesson I took from that incident was "Do not Panic, Trust your training".

    Makes the phrase "Train the way you plan to Fight" very importent(sic).

    Mental state when SHTF seems to be most important of all.

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    Like many of you I don't get the shakes till it's all over (about 20 minutes later).

    I never panic either. Cut my leg open with a chainsaw tree farming. Cut clear thru the skin and underlying fatty tissue but missed the knee cap. There was no pain, the nerve cells must have shutdown immediately. Hobbeled over to a big rock, sat down, cut my pants leg open so I could see how bad I was cut. Lots of saw dust in the wound, only thing I had to clean it out with was gas/oil chainsaw mix. Poured it in the cut washed out the cut. Didn't bleed at all after that! Waited for a passerby to stop and had them call my Dad at work to come and get me. Got home cleaned it out with water, put some iodine in it, taped it shut and 6 weeks later it was mostly healed.

    Like most of you I made peace with the fact that if I had to pull the trigger there is no doubt in my mind that I would do so if needed. The perp makes the decision to live or die by his actions. I will survive or die trying.
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