Hunters safety/CCW license

Hunters safety/CCW license

This is a discussion on Hunters safety/CCW license within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is there any need to go through hunters safety before getting the other or what? Hunters safety I have been told is more rifles and ...

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Thread: Hunters safety/CCW license

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    Hunters safety/CCW license

    Is there any need to go through hunters safety before getting the other or what?
    Hunters safety I have been told is more rifles and shotguns so any answers?

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    Not sure about your state, but Hunter's Safety here is hunting and general safe gun handling (geared toward the 11-12 yr old new hunter). Our CCW classes include basic pistol safety .
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    That must depend again on the specific state. I think in some states one needs to take a hunter's safety course before being able to purchase firearms actually. Those who were born on or after a certain date from what I understand. I took one in Kansas many years ago at my father's suggestion. It was a whole day affair and I did learn quite a bit. Some states may require this course in prerequisite if they are not 'shall issue' states. Of course I'm just guessing at this one. I'd call the issuing authority if I were you and find the truth.

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    Your from Wisconsin? Wisconsin denies the right to carry a concealed weapon. So, unless you are looking to apply for another states nonres permit, I dont think hunter safety has anything to do with it unless you are too young for a hunting license and plan to hunt with a handgun?

    If you are looking for a Utah nonres permit, hunter safety is not req'd.

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    I am a volunteer Basic Hunter Education Instructor and do so through three avenues as a team member via; The MA Div. of Fisheries & Wildlife, The US Fish & Wildlife Service, Northeast Region, and Smith & Wesson (8 S&W employees plus me and the COO of Ruger, who is former S&W), certified and recognized by the IHEA as well as MA state and the USFWS.

    I instructed two courses this month alone one under USFWS and a second via S&W.
    I would strongly suggest that if one has a mindset toward CCW in specific, above and beyond hunting, then one should take a CCW specific course/class regardless of whether your state laws or local issuing authority requires/requests as much or not. A BHE course just does not have a focus toward CCW at all. IMHO it pretty much isn't relevant and that's from my view of having been a student and now an instructor, in addition to knowing what I know and have learned and studied in regard to the specifics of citizen carry be it open or concealed.

    If you plan to hunt in some way then great, please do take a BHE course even if you are experienced and have hunted before. But do not take a BHE course to be an in kind replacement toward a proper carry course because it most definitely in my own experience is not even remotely enough info muchless applicable.

    BTW my next step for this coming winter is to apply to the MA State Police toward securing certification to instruct carry toward such licensing in specific.
    Seek out a certified and experienced instructor, and if it costs money then so be it as it's dimes against the post event lack of knowledge legal bills dollar.

    - Janq
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    In GA the Hunter Safety class and ID card is only required to get a hunting license, but not for otherwise acquiring, possessing, or using firearms, and certainly not as a pre-req for CCW.

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    Well here in virginia if you go through the hunter saftey course you need not take a handgun class. So maby.

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    I agree with Jang 100%.
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    My State accepts successful completion of a hunter safety course as meeting the requirements for a concealed weapons permit, which is totally absurd.

    The minimum age here for a CWP is 18, which is equally absurd, and is one of the reasons many states don't recognize our permits.

    Somehow, an 18 year old carrying a concealed handgun with a hunter safety certificate next to the CWP in his wallet doesn't instill in me a whole lot of confidence.

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