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Where to hide guns?

This is a discussion on Where to hide guns? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Thumper I use my safe too. If I had a hiding place in the house, the last thing in the world I ...

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Thread: Where to hide guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I use my safe too. If I had a hiding place in the house, the last thing in the world I would do is post it on the internet!
    These kinds of posts always make me laugh.

    Like anyone knows where you live, or lives near enough to you to do anything about it. ;)

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    Where to hide guns?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bardo View Post
    These kinds of posts always make me laugh.

    Like anyone knows where you live, or lives near enough to you to do anything about it. ;)
    You make me laugh! It's not about me, my location etc. It's about educating bad guys!

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    Hidden closet behind a bookshelf. Locked and have to have a code to enter to get to it. the code key pad is behind a pic in another adjacent room........was cheaper that a huge / heavy safe. LOL

    and more fun to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRI View Post
    If the "somebody" has a search warrant there is no place you can hide them that won't be discovered.
    Right. If the search warrant allows, the searchers can completely disassemble your house and use metal detectors to locate anything buried on your property to a significant depth. Gotta find another alternative if serious about hiding a cache.

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    What James Yeager said. But then he got in trouble for saying it or at least some hypocrites said he was in trouble (that's aside from the law in Tenn.)

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    ANYTHING can be found. That's why I don't have any guns, lol.
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    In my pockets.
    I'm not outrunning anyone.

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    Here's something I learned from a farmer I got to know pretty well when I lived in the country. When he put a barbed wire fence up to hold some cows, he used 12" steamer pipe sunk into the ground as the corner posts for the fence.

    He then welded 12" round steel covers on the top of the pipe ends that are sticking out of the ground. However, before he welded the covers on top of the pipe, he welded a steel eye to the center of each cover. Attached to the eye, he tied a polypropelene rope that hangs inside of the 12" steamer pipe. Attached to the end of the rope he attached storage tubes made out of PVC pipe. He told me inside those PVC storage tubes he has two disassembled SKS's, ammo and various other items. All he needs to retrieve his cache, is a hacksaw. Cut off the end caps, and pull out his PVC cache.

    I asked him why such an elaborate set up? He said, "To fool the metal detectors." Plus, he doesn't have to remember where he buried his stuff. No one is going to question what materials he used to build his fence. He said people build fences out of all kinds of things. If they use metal detectors to look for buried caches, he's got a huge steel pipe sunk right there in the ground. So, his caches are hidden in plain sight.

    Was he telling the truth? All I know is his corner posts are made out of 12" steel pipe. I have no reason to doubt what he says he's got inside them.

    Will it work if someone ever shows up with a search warrant and metal detectors for his property? I don't know, but it seems like a pretty good, and ingenious idea to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    I had fun gutting and remodeling the basement. Lots of built in shelving and such. There are only 4 pieces of furniture in the basement. Everything else is part of the house.

    I pray the CFO decides NOT to do the upstairs. All plaster and lath, not to mention questionable insulation in the attic.
    The toilet with guns in a waterproof compartment inside the back part. A series of long & short flushes is the combination to open.
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    What guns?

    Now, if I were hiding cue sticks & balls or hammers & nails ..... depends on who I'm hiding them from and how the house is constructed and on one's skills I rekon .... and on how many cue sticks and hammers I want handy in case the urge hits to use one.
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    I read this somewhere. Take it for what its worth. public internet content.
    hang a pair of no-longer-worn jeans over a sturdy hanger. Make some marks, do some sewing, and essentially make a 'pocket' from the doubled over jeans. Insert firearm. Voila! you have a place to hide a handgun that most home invaders intent on robbery likely won't find. While not recommended with kids, I bet they wouldn't look there either. Side note on kids: if you have it, and hide it, they will find it.
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