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Not so friendly fellow CC'er encounter...

This is a discussion on Not so friendly fellow CC'er encounter... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by rocky You did fine, sounds like the idiot has no clue on how he should conceal his weapon. You were trying to ...

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Thread: Not so friendly fellow CC'er encounter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    You did fine, sounds like the idiot has no clue on how he should conceal his weapon. You were trying to be helpful and he couldn't take the criticism (which was due).

    Exactly what Rocky said.


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    Well if I ever slip up and print even slightly I'd be very glad someone took the time to tell me. Like you said it should've been no big deal what so ever but there's always an idiot in any group you just found ours it seems.
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    Or maybe it had to do with you publicly announcing he had a CCW.

    Here's a question, what if he was "some punk" without a permit?

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    I think you did fine... this guy obviously has more issues than just his "printing"!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
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    Some people are just total moronic jerks. Nothing you can really do about it except hope that they go away as quickly as possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtbiker View Post
    In CT we had the guy at the Chillis that got in all kinds of trouble because someone saw his gun. This guy deserves to get nabbed. A permit does not equal free pass. You still have to be smart.
    I tried googling for this story, but couldn't find it. Sounds familiar though, what were the details?

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    Quote Originally Posted by svinfinity45 View Post
    Edit He was probably around 30. Looked to old for college but not an old timer yet. about 5' 11 170lbs
    OK, then it couldn't have been Paulie Walnuts............
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Not so friendly fellow CC'er encounter...-mv5bmjm4ndi2mja2nv5bml5banbnxkftztcwody3mduxmq-._v1._sx90_sy140_-1-.jpg  

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    I don't care if I print or not. A fair amount of times I am OCing anyway. I wouldn't get angry if someone pointed it out - but I also would wonder why they were pointing it out. Now if you are in a state were actual "printing" is against the law - then that is another issue and would welcome the comments.

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    Look under Goldberg. His permit was reinstated.
    Last edited by ccman; October 8th, 2008 at 11:16 PM.

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    I would have minded by own business, regarding the printing. Unless he or his gun were a threat, its none of my business as far as I'm concerned. If the encounter was prolonged, I'd keep an eye open. It (confrontation) is not worth the aggravation.

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    think you did well. Saw a guy once a a dog swim at our local Y. Looked at my dad and said notice anything about that guy. Dad "no what is it?" I said carrying at 3:30. Dad "how about that." Neither of us said anything overall pretty well covered but as he was playing with his dog and leaning over it would print badly with his IWB.

    General rule of thumb for me is not to say anything unless someone had their shirt hung up or something. Much like you I would appreciate it if someone let me know discretly.

    By the way the other morning at Big Boy I was carrying Beretta 92 IWB with a T-shirt covering it. Noticed when I stood up the shirt had worked its way over the pistol. As I was fixing it I heard the guy at the table behind me tell his buddy that guy has a gun. Didn't sound worried and I was leaving to pay the check no scene.

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    He was just a jerk, and you were being nice, BUT no good deed goes unpunished sometimes. I would normally just keep me mouth shut, as you never know who you are dealing with. He could have been a fellow cc'r, or a nutjob up to who knows what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by svinfinity45 View Post
    I tried googling for this story, but couldn't find it. Sounds familiar though, what were the details?

    Well, went to chillis to pick up call-in order. Someone saw his gun, called the cops and he was arrested for breach of peace I think. Was aquitted of ALL CHARGES and now the DPS WILL NOT let him get his permit back. Basically, he comitted no crime but is being denied a permit now.

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    Not so friendly fellow CC'er encounter...
    and while he walked in front of me he printed REALLY bad, kind of looked like a gun in one of those food-saver bags, I could almost make out the safety and mag release...I was a bit surprised at first and I just calmly said "hey man your printing". He looked at me with confusion and said " I what?" and I told him he printed, and that I could see the outline of his pistol, and asked when he got his permit, kind of as a passive way to see if he even had one, without being hostile about it, because he seemed like a pretty strait edge gentleman. After that, I got "WHY were you even LOOKING for a GUN do I LOOK like some PUNK?" to which I responded "no sir, I just noticed and thought I should tell you before someone who wouldn't understand saw and they might have called the police or caused a scene, thats why I was quietly letting you know, but now you just yelled the word gun..." so he ranted for a minute about how I shouldn't have even mentioned it to him at all, that he took that class to get his permit and that I didn't know a thing about carrying guns
    Number one......aside from this guy being a real jerk-I don't think he should be carrying. Number two......sounds like he's a semi-hothead which makes things even more dangerous in my eyes. Number three, I guess I wouldn't bother mentioning something like printing badly to anyone I meet or see if that's the case.....they'll find out soon enough on their own, and with folks like that, I hope they get into some trouble over it as well when they do get busted.

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    Suppose it had been a LEO who advised him that he was printing instead of you and he acted that way. I would have paid to watch that exchange.

    What would you have done six?
    An armed populace are called citizens.
    An unarmed populace are called subjects.

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