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Confidence in Gun?

This is a discussion on Confidence in Gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by AEA I no longer use WWB due to some light loads that would cause that malfunction that you described. I suggest three ...

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Thread: Confidence in Gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEA View Post
    I no longer use WWB due to some light loads that would cause that malfunction that you described.

    I suggest three things. Do these in order and only progress to the next one if you still have problems after the first.

    1. Use only FRESH Federal Factory 230gr ammo. I personally use Federal American Eagle (Red Box). Cost is slightly more than WWB but worth it to me.

    2. Buy yourself some Wilson Combat Magazines.

    3. Change the factory recoil spring to a Wolff replacement setup (much better springs than ANY Factory spring).
    These have corrected a LOT of 1911 problems by themselves!

    I am sure one or all of these will fix your problem.
    Happy Shooting!
    Thanks for all the replies. I will try them out and get plenty more shooting in.
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    New Kimber? Sounds like it has not been broken in. 300rds isn't much. Think how tough the metals are, in a new gun. Think how close-fitting and tight the action/slide can be, in a new gun. IMO, in most guns, exceptional reliability only comes with time. The G19 is one of those few guns known for its tendency toward out-of-the-box reliability, but most require a reasonably lengthy break-in period.

    Try fiddling with different ammo. Ensure you've got fresh springs. After ~1500-2000rds, consider having a gunsmith giving it a once-over (tuning).

    As for having confidence in a given gun, IMO that only comes through "saddle time," knowing what it can and cannot do. And that only comes after a good break-in, use of various rounds, having gone through a few spring changes, etc. No matter what the reputation of a given manufacturer or a given model of gun, it's very hard to judge where its limits are until your exact gun has proven itself.

    Data point: A Browning BDM 9mm semi-auto pistol that I had through the 1990's took 8-10Krds to break-in, before it settled down. During that initial period, it would have a FTF, stovepipe or other bobble a couple/three times every several hundred rounds. After that, though, it was darned near perfect. Swallowed every ammo fed to it; would only rarely have a failure to cycle of any kind; would work well despite being cleaned or not. It kept getting better and better. The last 10K rds had zero issues of any kind, through multiple changes in springs, magazine followers.
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    If the extractor pulled off the case rim preventing an extraction,either the extractor may be worn,or for some reason the case was stuck in the chamber.
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    The technique I was taught for a FTEX which is much faster than locking and prying is just drop the mag and rack the slide until the round clears. I've never had to actually do it but I've seen it done and usually the case clears at the first rack of the slide. This of course won't work if you had a SHTF failure and the extractor ripped a notch in the rim of the case, but I think it's worth a try before finding a prying tool and prying away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt.Sausage View Post
    The drill was called SPORTS S-P-O-R-T-S: S:Slap (the magazine -- make sure it's seated properly) P: Pull (the charging handle -- eject the jammed up round ) O:Observe (the chamber -- make sure it's clear) R:Release (the charging handle to chamber the new round) T:Tap (the forward assist to make sure the round is chambered and seated properly) S: Squeeze (the trigger to begin firing again).
    They taught the same thing last week on the TV show. Teminator

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    immediate action drill for a pistol

    The equivelent of sports for a pistol is TAP RACK BANG.

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    Most of my FTF problems were related to ammunition only with my Springfield EMP.

    It was the first 150-200 rds, and when using quality ammo, no problems, crappy ammo = tons of problems.

    Garbage in Garbage out I suppose.

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