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This is a discussion on Car Carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by gunlock In Texas I don't think you can legally conceal a gun on your person inside your vehicle without a CHL. You ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunlock View Post
    In Texas I don't think you can legally conceal a gun on your person inside your vehicle without a CHL. You might wanna double check that.
    A very grey area.
    As the vehicle is considered a "mobile" part of your home, you can do pretty much as you please; however, as soon as you exit the car at all, you are no longer protected by the "Castle Doctrine." If you don't have a CHL, you're better off not carying on your person - even if you're wearing a holster, which is not illegal. If, for example, you are on your way to the range, your private farm, or a hunting lease (places that you can OC or CC without restriction), you have a legal and logical reason to have a holster on. If you are in your vehicle and CC'ing, you are technically legal, but if you have to buy gas or get out to talk to a cop, you are in violation. If a cop is approaching and you pull your CC handgun out of the holster to comply, I don't want to be you for that moment!
    I'd keep it off-body until the CHL is in your posession.

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    Thanks everybody. It looks like it would be best if it stays in the console for a little while longer. I don't want to have it on and be pulled over by that one over anxious LEO. My uncle had a LEO freak out when he was getting his insurance out of his glove box because he had a hunting knife in there.

    Its been about 90 days now, so I really hope I will be getting my CHL soon.

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    I'd leave your Glock in your consol or glove box until you get your permit. Regardless of the law if your stopped and asked to step out of your vehicle, without a permit to hand the officer it could get a little dicey, or you may be detained until the officer can confirm you identity and that your not a criminal

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    I agree with the above recommendation of not concealing on your person without a license. Although it may be legal, you are still putting yourself at risk. Suppose you got in an accident and had to exit the vehicle in a hurry? How are you going to explain why you are carrying a firearm on your hip without a license?

    Better safe than sorry!

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    don't get caught up on whether or not its in your waistband, console, or glovebox, it makes no difference
    if you have it on your hip and get pulled over just tell the officer up front,
    if you get an overzealous officer that wants to disarm you and run checks, then so be it, but tell them up front so that if they want you to step out of the car it can be handled properly

    castle doctrine has nothing to do with this particular situation, as long as you are legally allowed to be where you are, not committing a crime (other than class C traffic offense), and didn't provoke the situation you can defend yourself, just as if you had a CHL,
    the law makes no distinction in that, only that if you are not: 1)in route to/from your vehicle, 2) in your vehicle/vehicle under your control, 3)on your property/property under your control with the handgun then you need a CHL
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