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This is a discussion on "Sexy Carry" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by kentuckycarry Nothing sexier to me than a woman with a sidearm. It shows chacter and it says " No one is taking ...

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Thread: "Sexy Carry"

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    Quote Originally Posted by kentuckycarry View Post
    Nothing sexier to me than a woman with a sidearm. It shows chacter and it says " No one is taking advantage of me and I can take care of myself" . Thats' sexy...
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    I used to get the "hmmph" and a smile when my ex SO would hug me and feel the magwell. She's the only SO that has known I carry and she made it a point to bring her along to the range whenever I went, and wanted to get her CCP once she turned 21, not sure if she ever did, we didn't make it that long hehe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WJP9 View Post
    Sounds like you have a keeper there! Has she commented on whether or not the size matters...maybe we can put an end to that age old debate...either that or it will start a caliber war!
    I just read Massad Ayoob's 'Combat Handgunnery' and he actually answers your question... I'll paraphrase for time's sake:

    Size does NOT matter. If it did, no guy would ever go out and buy a 2" snubby!

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    Vanilla Ice.............I'm too Sexy for my gun.........lol !!!
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    Hey its not size that matters, its shot placement.
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    My wife gave me the " You never asked me if it was OK for you to carry a gun" speech the day after I got my CWL while putting on my holster. I told her I can protect her and our son better if I do. Plus I carry because I can. She told me she didn't feel safe with me carrying. Then the other night we come home late at night and our garage door is open. First thing she asks me "Do you have your gun?" Now when getting dressed she asks if I have it. Making sure I didn't forget it.

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    My wife is happy that I carry and sometimes if we are going somewhere down in the city she will check to make sure I am. I don't know why she asks, she knows that I am.

    Generally though it's old news to her. I have been carrying for over eight years, faithfully. I would be just as likely to leave my wallet at home than my firearm. It just doesn't happen.

    Other people are impressed that I can handle myself in a fight, or that I can shoot well and have good tactics. My wife really isn't. Don't get me wrong though, she wouldn't have it any other way.

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