"Sexy Carry"

"Sexy Carry"

This is a discussion on "Sexy Carry" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know it's an odd title, but it's a good story. My wife is not very comfortable around guns. From the beginning of my talking ...

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Thread: "Sexy Carry"

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    "Sexy Carry"

    I know it's an odd title, but it's a good story.

    My wife is not very comfortable around guns. From the beginning of my talking about carrying, she has had her reservations. I told her from the beginning that she had veto power on this issue, but she never used it (thankfully). She was raised around hunters, but they were the type that locked the guns and ammo in different places at all times when not hunting. Her grandfather has his permit, but only carries a .25 when fishing. That's her background.

    I've been carrying for about two months and last night she confessed that she thinks its sexy when I carry. If she hugs me and feels it, she likes that. I think it is becoming a comfort to her that I can now better protect her. I'm still working on getting her to learn to shoot. She has said she will, but has not done so yet. But I thought last night was a step in the right direction.

    God Bless. She still thinks I'm obsessed, but I guess I am.

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    Hmmm, another reason to carry!!!
    I'm too young to be this old!
    Getting old isn't good for you!

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    I think it's sexy when my hubby carries too!
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    Thumbs up

    I feel the same way about women who carry and can shoot effectively. Very sexy.

    And it keeps me in line

    "An armed society is a polite society"


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    My Wife has given me a smile and a wink when she bumps my pistol from time to time. It sure is nice to see the comfort in their eyes, knowing that I would defend her with my life, but now I have a tool that will help me come home with her.
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    That's awesome. Having your wife think you are sexy is good, her thinking you are sexy because you are doing what you should (ie. being her protector), that's a win-win in my book.

    When I went to get my permit, my wife knew I intended to carry regularly, but I still get a nice reaction from her when she notices I'm carrying. Church carry, in Arkansas, is not allowed so it is very common for my wife to "catch" me disarming on the way to church. Other times she will come in contact with it because she's snuggled up close at the movie or something. She's very careful to not react in such a way that it will "let the cat out of the bag", but some of the time she lets me know that she "caught me". For example, sometimes she'll snuggle close enough to push the holster against me and then just looks up at me and tell me she loves me or something like that. We both know what that means, she loves me and she loves that I am committed to protecting her and the kids. A few times I've managed to go a few weeks between getting "caught" by her and she'll ask me, in private of course, about it. I just lift up my shirt so she can see. She wants me to carry and it encourages me when even my wife can't spot it.

    It is an awesome thing to get confirmation that your wife loves you for the right reasons and still thinks you are sexy.

    On a slightly related note, my wife has talked about getting her permit for a little while now, but hasn't. (Mostly because most of our marriage, until recently, we were either trying to get pregnant, basking in the glow that we might, devastated that we weren't, or ecstatic that we were. We aggressively avoided lead exposure anytime it could be an issue). Now that the most recent baby is almost a year old and we are officially done, it's an option so perhaps she will get her own permit.

    Not that it matters, I think she's sexy even without a gun.

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    I carry all the time, even around the house. My wife only carries on occasion, but I love it when she does. It took her decades to decide to do so...I don't push it.
    When I really started to carry 7-8 years ago, it was something she worked at getting used to...but she didn't really ever question me about it...just thought is was unnecessary unless we were going to visit a 'war zone'. Now she realizes that everywhere go is a potential war zone. Pouring the local news into her was a real wake-up call.

    I think that women who carry guns, finally get it...it's a cruel, unforgiving world out there.
    A woman who carries her own sidearm demonstrates common sense, responsibility, and strength......and that is sexy.
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    My wife is really uncomfortable with me carrying. She is a country girl from TN, but for some reason she is just not into me carrying. We have 4 kids from 1yo to 12 (which is her reason for me not to carry).
    I'm currently trying to find a good OWB Holster (Pancake style) for my G22. Looking at a Blackhawk CQC and a Desantis holster.
    She told me it was up to me, but she dosen't care for me to be armed in public.
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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    Female here. Sexy works two ways, meaning if you can get her to think of a gun as sexy looking it will help a lot.

    My story: I decided to get a gun but wanted to like how it looked. Yeh, shallow, I know. I did not want shiny at all and settled on a model 49 snubby because of its looks as much as its capabilities. After firing it, I knew I'd want bigger grips. Instead of buying minimal, I got crimson tracer laser grips. Afterward, I realized I got them as much for looks as function. I had 2 folks tell me what a hot looking gun I have and now I am hooked on the little bugger.

    No one is more surprised than me that I am that shallow but girls like pretty. When I was looking at 9 mm and the salesperson was saying what all its virtues were, he got me at "and, its just plain sexy looking". Yup. Put that 3913 on layaway now, please!

    Bottom line, best thing anyone ever said to me was "the right gun is the one that gets you to the range". Just my 2 cents...

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    My gun club had a weenie roast last Saturday evening out on the shotgun range. I thought it was sexy for a lot of the ladies to be there open carrying. Too bad my wife wasn't one of them.

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    Sexy is as sexy does !!

    Good for you!! It sounds like she'll be shooting before you know it. The flip of your(and my)situation I saw when over in Israel with the Army(ours by the way)....HOT female soldiers with Uzis slung over their shoulders. Talk about sexy!! Unfortunately, I didn't get to hug any of then!
    PS> I've been married 17 years and my wife STILL DOESN'T SHOOT
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    Still Love Ya Sarah !
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    It was a good feeling when she said that to me. Who wouldn't feel good about their wife calling them sexy, for any reason? I'll just keep patiently encouraging her to shoot. I don't know if she'll ever carry, but maybe. Right now I think I'll be doing good to get her to carry some pepper spray and a flash light.

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    It goes both ways. It is sexy when my wife carries. There is also something about a girl with a good grip and stance -- no double entendre intended.

    Girls who can shoot are hot.

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    Welcome from SOCAL
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    glad to hear it. Another GREAT reason to carry

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