Missouri Law HB 2034

Missouri Law HB 2034

This is a discussion on Missouri Law HB 2034 within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I hope this is the right place for this thread. Does anyone know about Missouri's HB 2034? I had heard it had a suppressor issue, ...

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Thread: Missouri Law HB 2034

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    Missouri Law HB 2034

    I hope this is the right place for this thread.

    Does anyone know about Missouri's HB 2034? I had heard it had a suppressor issue, and was approved.

    Anyone have some clarification on this?

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    sorry, I can't give details but would like to know more. I do know for a fact that it allows the sale and pocession of surpressors now in Missouri but "who" can own them is my question. I believe you have to have some form of FFL but I, like you, need to research it more. One of the gun shops in my town has a sign on their window announcing they now have surpressors.

    I do know it'll be expensive becasue there will be paperwork requirements to purchase so I expect that to be several hundered dollars.

    It would a real blast to have on though I wouldn't convert any of my rifles but my Walther P22 comes with a threaded barrel already and all you have to do is by a $30 adapter. I've also seen threaded barrels for the ruger 10/22. I think that would be great.

    Hopefully someone will add some real facts here....

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    This topic is covered at MissouriCarry.com, The following is a quote from WildWilli who is the site admin.

    First you will need a FFL. Any FFL will do and a C&R is the cheapest and easiest. This is exactly the same as owning any NFA items: MGs, SBRs, SBSs, or DDs and now "silencers" as they are known to BATFE) that are legal in Missouri.

    Next, you will need to determine if your Sheriff or other CLEO will sign off on the forms for you unless you are exempt (Class III, Class VII, SOT etc.)

    If he/she will, then it is a "simple" Federal colonoscopy (Form 4), fingerprints, passport photos, pay the taxes and a lot of waiting in anticipation.

    If he/she will not, then you have the corporation route. You can establish a corporation to own the silencers/suppressors and not need the photos, fingerprints, and signoffs. You still have to pay the taxes. The corporation would own the silencers so you must get a FFL for the corporation first. You must also keep up the corporation and FFL as long as you wish to possess the NFA items.

    A trust will not work in Missouri like it does in some states as a trust cannot have a FFL.

    Lastly, you will need another good paying job as NFA is more addictive than crack and a lot more expensive. But think of the money you will save not needing those foam ear plugs anymore.

    click here for more info

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    J Man is right "NFA guns ARE as addictive as other "stimulants" LOL
    Supressors are a lot of fun, and reak havoc with the squirrel population!
    (walther p22 with a Gemtec Anphibian supressor or a Ruger MK 1, 2, or 3 with integrated supressor)
    The full auto stuff is a HUGE amount of fun, but more costly. I have quite a few of both. It's worth the time and $$ to get the toys you want. All it is, is just a few forms, print cards, passport-type pics, and the Chief LEO sign-off, and you're good to go. just read this from another Forum:
    here it is:
    mo gun ranges are no longer able to be sued or charged with breaking noise ordinances

    if shooting for recreational purposes on private property the owner is not liable if you are injured so long as all shooting is done in an appropriate manner

    denying the sell of a firearm to someone who has had their gun traced for any reason but is still able to legally purchase firearms under federal law is a class a misdemenor

    you can now purchase and posses a silencer as a curio,ornament,or keepsake,or use it in a play as long as it is nonfunctional in the case of the play.

    records of ccw permits retained by county sheriffs are closed to public and cannot be disclosed unless mandated by a court order pertaining to a criminal investigation

    you dont have to wait 6 months after you get an address in mo to get a ccw now as soon as you get an address in mo if you are leggaly able to get a ccw you can get one
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