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'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves

This is a discussion on 'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Mine are really thin leather. Lambskin or calfskin and they fit very close and tight on purpose. It's enough glove for me for all cold ...

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Thread: 'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves

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    Mine are really thin leather.
    Lambskin or calfskin and they fit very close and tight on purpose.
    It's enough glove for me for all cold weather except for the "well below zero" temperatures and shooting with them on is really no different than shooting with them off.
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    They need to be really thin gloves for them to work. I had a pair of "Bob Allen" (?) gloves that I'd carry with me on duty if the weather was really cold. They were better than nothing, but not by much. I could easily operate my weapon with them on, but they were so thin, my hands got cold anyway.
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    Using a thin leather type glove that fits snug to your hand gives you much better feel for shooting, however, they are lousy for the insulating value. In cool weather I prefer no gloves. In bitter cold weather I use a thicker glove for the insulation value and one large enough to flip off my hand in an instant. I dont practice shooting with gloves on.

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    I can't think of the last time I wore gloves other than out deer hunting, and then I don't have to worry about drawing, because I'm carrying a Remington 11-87 loaded either with 12 ga 3" slugs or 00 buckshot.

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    When I wear them thin well fitted kid skin with a thinsulate lining for everyday wear (32 degrees or lower), give me enough feeling and space to handle all my pistols. When I am out with my trusty machine clearing a few feet of the white stuff, heavy insulated gloves are the norm. They come off easily and my handgun is in the chest high slit pocket of my parker.

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    Being in Florida I don’t find much use for gloves, but I do travel and I also go hunting in colder climates. Example: A few years back I did a column for North American Hunter, and in three and a half days of wild mountain sheep hunting the high was 9 degrees, and at night with the wind blowing it would drop off much colder.

    Good insulated glove prohibit finger control, thus when I’m hunting I remove my right hand glove, when I see a potential target. While hunting and defense carry are different, they do have some similarities.

    Sure things can pop up out of nowhere, but more than likely you’re going see a situation developing and have time to remove your glove.

    If you’re headed to less than desirable are of town, instead of warring gloves, keep your hands in your pocket, or even better yet, keep your hand in your pocket with a mouse gun.

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    For all you folks that might need a pair of gloves for this winter, try a pair of Isotoners! They are a little on the expensive side, $30 - $60, but they are thin, and really comfortable. JC Penneys carries them.
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    Most of my gloves are fingerless, and I do pratice with them
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    Great point just getting to that season here. Need to go to the range never done any drawing. Have shot with the ones I usually wear but not practiced full draw and all.

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    Same here.
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    Yep, regularly practice during the cold months with big heavy jackets and gloves. Being a Mt. biker i love using Fox racing's "ThermalPaw" gloves, thin, light but warm, an very water resistant. not quite water "proof" though.

    Also have used jersey gloves and some lighter ski gloves. Experimentation with gloves is key...and practice.
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    Cold weather gloves

    Still in the 80's here. Can't wait for cold weather to hit. Bought a pair of lambskin,cashmere lined gloves this past March while in Rome,Italy. It was a happy birthday to me present. Haven't worn gloves while packing since I left the Sheriff's Department 11 years ago. Wore them when I worked the night shift.I wore the Damascus brand,they were thin but lined. One could drive,draw,and eat donuts while wearing them.

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    I haven't worn gloves on a regular basis in such a long time that I would have to actually go out and buy a new pair.

    The last time I wore gloves for more than a couple hours was when I lived in Reno, and that was ten years ago. Come to think about it, my winter jacket is little more than a heavy canvas shirt.
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    I have tried to practice with gloves, but I have decided to practice instead to remove the glove first.....then draw my gun.

    My two EDC guns are;

    Kel-Tec PF-9 (trigger guard too small for gloves)

    Kimber Gold Match- (very light single action pull, prefer bare finger)


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