'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves

'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves

This is a discussion on 'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just what the headline says. Who here practices with gloves and their EDC during the winter months? I had my go of it a couple ...

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Thread: 'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves

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    'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves

    Just what the headline says. Who here practices with gloves and their EDC during the winter months? I had my go of it a couple hours ago in the back yard with my P220 and my jersey gloves. The gloves I wear are almost like a second skin. Cloth gloves are more likely to snag on sharp edges, or bulkier than other materials when it comes to putting the finger to the trigger. What's your take on it? Wear gloves in the winter? Just when hauling hay? Do you practice your draw and operation of your EDC with winter in mind or while wearing gloves? Is it even something to consider at all?

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    I've heard of people from the North speak of such things...what are they?


    I seldom wore gloves in colder climates...just me, I guess.
    I don't think I would be practicing with gloves...I would be quickly pulling them off in a SD situation...too many chances for a snag...JMO

    Stay armed...no gloves for me...stay safe!
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    I wear gloves up here during the coldest times of winter. I use LE thinsulate frisk gloves that fit snug. I do practice shooting with gloves on,. I find my HK USP works well with gloves due to the larger trigger guard.
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    Hmmmm. Something I have not thought of yet being a relatively low experienced carryer.

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    I dont often wear gloves, but now that I will be carrying during the winter I think I will invest in a pair and practice with them.

    I think its better to have nice, slim, tight gloves, than numb fingers?

    Hey, better yet, when its really cold, pocket carry and keep your hand in your pocket for warmth! -wink-

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    I'm hot natured and don't own any gloves.
    My family and friends always ask "aren't you cold?"
    There all bundled up while I'm wearing just a long sleeve shirt.

    Now my beer hand sometimes gets cold without a hugger
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    I hadn't really thought about the gloves issue, although after my first winter here last year I do know I'll be wearing them a few times this winter. Thanks for bringing that up - I'll have to put some thought into it and try it out at the range. I am leaning towards retsput99's thought about just jerking them off in a defensive situation though.
    Your cold weather post did bring about another thought... I can finally carry my 1911 every once in a while again!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I've heard of people from the North speak of such things...what are they?
    Hey now.....it's gonna get ALL the way down in the 50's for ya'll this evening.........better bundle up!

    Alright, on topic..........I have and will shoot with my gloves on and during quals in the colder winter month (yes, I spelled 'month' singularly) we've had to shoot a short course with our gloves on.

    But I don't do it too often, just enough to get the feel of it. Otherwise I don't wear 'em much either.
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    Perhaps I should practice with gloves.

    But I prefer loose-fitting gloves that I can flick off in an instant.

    Hmmm, I'll think about practicing with gloves the next time I go shooting, at least once to see what it's like.

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    LOL, I'm better off praticing in a rain slicker then gloves.

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    Gloves are part of required protective gear for us no matter the temperature, last time I shot an M-16 without em was back during boot camp. It does take some getting used to when you haven't done it before.
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    Not that chilly here either, but it's a great excuse to have your hands in your jacket pockets, with one wrapped around your gun while you're outside!
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    Perfect excuse for a small DAO/shrouded hammer revolver in the front pocket of your large, poofy winter coat as a back-up for your larger auto. Don't need gloves at that point, as you keep your hands inside your pockets most of the time, and anytime they are in your pocket, you can just keep your J-frame in your hand at that time. Nothing to say you can't draw your back-up gun BEFORE your primary.

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    I wear gloves of different types year round, so I practice with them.
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    I don't wear gloves, if it is really cold I keep my hands in my jacket pockets.
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