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Turned the Wife to the dark side

This is a discussion on Turned the Wife to the dark side within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by MP45Man If that were to happen to me and Obama didn't get in the White House, I'd feel like I won the ...

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Thread: Turned the Wife to the dark side

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    Quote Originally Posted by MP45Man View Post
    If that were to happen to me and Obama didn't get in the White House, I'd feel like I won the lottery.
    Fixed that for you.
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    Congrats! I hope your wife decides to visit the forum.

    Now as for your shopping concerns, all I can tell you is for some reason the owner of the gun shop always smiles when DH and I stop in for a visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GWRedDragon View Post
    The purses made specifically for carry have a separate zipper on the side with a pouch just for the gun.
    I'm not really comfortable with purses with the side zipper for a few reasons:

    1. how we women actually carry purses while out and about and the difficulty of quickly swinging it up to an appropriate angle to reach the side and then the zipper and then the gun

    2. the whole unzippering while needing to hold the bag steady

    3. the angle of the gun when pulled out of the bag (think of adrenaline coming in at this point with a BG already there and the delay from zipper fiddling)

    4. anyone with one speck of knowledge can spot a gun purse while looking at the side zipper or velco (think of the noisy velco, too)

    5. if you're feeling an impending situation, you can't casually look like you're just opening your bag, looking for keys or a cell phone, etc., if you've got your hand stuck in the side of your bag. That looks very conspicuous.

    Here's another purse solution that seems far more practical and eliminates all of the above:

    Ladies Protection - CCW Purse - Home Page

    I'm for carrying on the body, but there are times where certain clothes are required for women that purse carry is the only good option. In those times, I'd far prefer a vertical entry bag.

    Many women like the side-entry purses, which is fine. I'm just not sure if it's because they prefer them or if they're not aware that other exists.

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    Just posting to say thank you, Boomana. I had the same concerns about side-access purses. I was looking for a top-entry one, and just ordered the one you linked to. Many thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfl View Post
    [B]When she sees my 17 rds mags, her line is: "Oh, you plan to miss a lot"
    ROFL! I bet my Wife thought the same thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beans View Post
    A blue eyed Redhead with a CCW
    Yeah, brother you know it'll be interesting.
    "Don't hit a man if you can possibly avoid it; but if you do hit him, put him to sleep." - Theodore Roosevelt


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