IWB Holster Modification???

IWB Holster Modification???

This is a discussion on IWB Holster Modification??? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I used to carry only OWB until I broke down and bought a VMII. Now my OWB holsters are in a box in the bottom ...

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Thread: IWB Holster Modification???

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    IWB Holster Modification???

    I used to carry only OWB until I broke down and bought a VMII. Now my OWB holsters are in a box in the bottom of my closet. But IWB carry has it's own problems. When wearing the VMII, I always wear a t-shirt under the outer shirt to keep the backside of the holster from rubbing the skin on my hip raw. The problem is as the day goes along the t-shirt pulls up and the holster not only makes contact with the skin but also has the bunched up t-shirt causing discomfort.

    I was thinking about applying something to the back of the holster to prevent the leather to skin contact. I don't always want to wear a t-shirt under the cover garment. Here in South Texas, the summers can be brutal, and this December has been very warm as well, and the less you wear the better. The cover garment alone is very comfortable but add even the lightest t-shirt, muscle shirt or any undershirt and things change quickly.

    Have any of you experienced any similar situations and just how did you deal with them????
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    I cant say i just let the holster lay again the bare skin and it doesnt bother me ..

    Hope someone can come up with something for ya

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    I sport an IWB Brommeland Max-Con V and can say the holster has yet to give me any discomfort to my skin or anything else discomforting. When wearing pressed against bare skin, about the only thing that bothers me sometimes (when hot out) is the checkered gun grip and smooth carbon fiber grips have solved this problem.

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    Lamb's wool or Mole Skin

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    Lamb's wool or Mole Skin are exactly what I was thinking. You need some type of material on the leather. Just find a soft material and attach it to the leather with some sort of fabric glue.
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    I wear a underarmor cool t for skin chafe protection. It is light enough,and wicks sweat away well I hardly notice it on. Also will not bunch up.

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    Leather doesn't really bother me-but grips that have any kind of surface other than totally smooth do.

    That said, moleskin with an adhesive back can be bought in 3" rolls at Walmart that should take care of the leather chaffing problem quite handily (as well as helping to stop any related and unecessary movement); $3 or so. I used this to good effect on a Comp-tac Ctac, at the same time adding a large protective back that covereed the whole assembly including the entire grip area.

    I wear a tshirt or wife beater for that purpose while wearing my Watch 6 however, which stays put well enough to not worry about it.


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    I wear a Tshirt or a tank top under my outer shirt regardless of weather or method of carry. I live in GA and have to deal with the humidity as well.

    As for the T shirt bunching up on you, you might try an Ultimate Taylor. You can get them from Galls or other uniform supply places. I wear one anythime I wear a tucked in shirt.
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    +1 on the Under Armour.
    nice stuff and it stays put...no bunching and it wicks like crazy.
    not cheap but nothing in this activity is i guess.

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