Packin' Preachers

Packin' Preachers

This is a discussion on Packin' Preachers within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am a pastor who carries every day--even while in the pulpit. I am curious about how many of you carry at church. Are there ...

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Thread: Packin' Preachers

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    Packin' Preachers

    I am a pastor who carries every day--even while in the pulpit. I am curious about how many of you carry at church. Are there other pastors out there who pack and preach?

    If you are a pastor who carries, do any of your people know? If they do, what reactions have you gotten?

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    I volunteer as a greeter at church and i carry. No one knows and even my wife has to ask if i am packing.
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    I sat next to my pastor in my ccw class. He doesn't carry though. He just wanted the education, and to understand more about ccw. I respect him for that.
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    My son's pastor in Mt. Pleasant, MI was an ex cop...and he carried all the time.
    I know of no others who do (except for Mikl45?)...I probably have never been in a position to really ask.

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    I'm not exactly a pastor, but I run our youth congregation in that role. Also, I'm sure my dad will pipe up here soon, he's a pastor who carries.

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    I'm not a pastor, but I am armed any time I am in church. The pastor knows I carry due to him coming up behind me and placing his hand on my weapon while he was sneaking by. He later asked what I carried, and said he was glad to know someone was armed in the church.

    I know a few preachers that are armed while in the pulpit. I'm sure there are more than any of us would realize- because concealed does mean concealed.
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    Church was actually the first place I carried today. Now that I've got my license I'll be carrying every week at church. One of the big churches here has a security detail and I know at least one of them carries.
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    I have qualifed a few dozen over the years.
    In the small town that I live in, most of the Pastors of the largest churches pack, including my own.

    Although carrying in a church is illegal here, there are at least a dozen various cops that carry in my church.
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    I am a youth pastor and carry constantly.

    Any preachers in NOVA? I may end up there and was wondering for advise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red82 View Post
    Church was actually the first place I carried today. Now that I've got my license I'll be carrying every week at church. One of the big churches here has a security detail and I know at least one of them carries.
    Do you have 'good and sufficient reason' as defined by law?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWRedDragon View Post
    Do you have 'good and sufficient reason' as defined by law?
    No such definition: Virginia law requires you to have a 'good and sufficient reason' but doesn't define it. I certainly consider my reason to be good and sufficient: my pastor told me to carry - he said, "It's your duty to protect the innocent!" (I would even protect some of you guys, too.)

    Others take the Colorado church episode (and others) as 'good and sufficient reason', and I certainly support them in such an assessment.

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    Why not carry in church? I always try to be extra cautious because I am sure some members would not understand. However, based on events of the last couple of decades, I would say that church, schools, and malls are three of the most dangerous (ie most likely to be targeted for mass violence) places that I go on a routine basis. If that isn't an indictment of our society, then I don't know what is!

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    I carry but the pastor does not know.
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    I'm sure my pastor knows that I carry. Just because I have another friend at work that does.. and he's walked up as we where talking about going to the range.. My my friend was looking at his CCW once after church because of a conversation we where having .. The pastor walked by and asked "What's this" as he grabbed it and looked at it..
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