The CC rush.

The CC rush.

This is a discussion on The CC rush. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok. I've had my permit for a while now and have carried everywhere I'm legally able to since I have had it, except while working ...

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Thread: The CC rush.

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    Lightbulb The CC rush.

    Ok. I've had my permit for a while now and have carried everywhere I'm legally able to since I have had it, except while working as per company rules. Am I the only one that did'nt experience some sort of epiphany after recieving my permit?

    Before I recieved my pemit, I expected I would get a rush of nervousness and excitement my first time carrying. But, after it arrived and while taking my trip to Wal-Mart, per se, I really didn't experience any sort of excitement about it. My only thoughts were "why didn't I do this sooner" and a few occasional worries that I might be printing. Other than that, it pretty much straight away went to being second nature. Granted, it did feel good knowing that I would be able to ultimately protect myself and others more so than I ever had in my life before, but I never did get that "rush" I read about so often.

    Surely I'm not the only one in this boat. Or atleast I hope I'm not, lol. Although, I'm often referred to as extremely laid back or "emotionless", by the people that know me best.

    I work to buy guns. Not really, but sometimes it feels that way..

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    Nah, you're not the only one. It took me a little while to get used to the extra gear but there was no epiphany as such. Overall a very easy, natural transition.

    I've carried for years before I actually got a permit. Arizona is an open carry state, and even if you don't open carry you can keep a firearm pretty handy while traveling. So the big transition for me was just putting the holster on instead of leaving it in the van.

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    Not sailing solo

    Like holdcard said AZ is an open carry state and I carried as often as I do now that I can conceal. Which is everywhere I was legal concealled carry is less of a worry cause i'm not looking for uneducated people to freak out at me anymore.

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    no feelings at all. i noticed the same dirt bags i noticed before. the only difference is now i turn my gun side so that it is away from them as they pass by.

    no rush, no excitement, nothing.

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    I don't even CARE if you did not get a rush when you first carried...
    ...I'm easy going too...

    I never really thought much about it when I started carrying, but then I had looked forward to it for quite a while. Living in MI prior to 2000, one couldn't get a permit. Moved to FL and immediately got my permit.'re completely normal...I was the same way, and I tend to believe many others ARE in the same boat.
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    Same here; it always bothered me not to be able to "bear arms", so when the license arrived things were "normal" again.
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    Nothing new to me really. I had carried around the homestead/farm for several years before I got my permit. Also carried in vehicle for those so-called "journeys" in my state which were allowed. I have however progressively sought and bought better equipment over time.

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    No "rush" but some apprehension of printing the first few times out.
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    I did my CHL class, got the CHL and then went to a three day class very soon after ward. After the class it was more uncomfortable not carrying than carrying.
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    The first couple of times I carried, I was apprehensive because I hadn't really settled on a "set up." Additionally, as I suspect many of us do at first, I greatly overestimated people's interest in what I might be carrying. You have to realize that not everyone is walking around with x-ray "cop eyes." They mind their business, and deep down inside, they don't really want to know anyway. Still, I'm comforted by the knowledge that if I'm threatened or attacked, I can retreat and still have a card to play if the offenders won't break it off. Now I feel naked without my CC. Like I walked out of the house without phone, keys or wallet.
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    I was a bit uneasy about printing. I would ask my wife if I was printing and I kept getting, "you have it with you?" as a response, so I stopped asking.

    The Arverni, nailed it....

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