What is the future of CC? MERGED

What is the future of CC? MERGED

This is a discussion on What is the future of CC? MERGED within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Say the worst happens and Obama wins with an overwhelming majority in Congress. They start to pass all sorts of onerous firearms legislation. What do ...

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Thread: What is the future of CC? MERGED

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    What is the future of CC? MERGED

    Say the worst happens and Obama wins with an overwhelming majority in Congress. They start to pass all sorts of onerous firearms legislation. What do you think will happen to individual state CC laws?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    Say the worst happens and Obama wins with an overwhelming majority in Congress. They start to pass all sorts of onerous firearms legislation. What do you think will happen to individual state CC laws?
    Not much. They really cant touch much of it. We might see some AWB ban, but most everything is left up to the states. They'll attack it in other ways, like taxes.
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    I don't think that the Left cabal can address carry laws directly. The greatest threat seems to me being orchestrated in the local and state level by Democratic action groups, assisted by increasingly strident public policy advocates within the medical community and financed by outside money. I watched that particular witches brew during the anti-smoking movement in Kentucky a few years ago. An Obama win and improved congressional numbers, tho, I'm sure could encourage local fellow travelers. I think it more likely that the firearms industry is in for a rough ride from regulation and taxation...similar to what's in store for other non-PC industries...and maybe changes in the FFL laws. I'm sure there's to be some attempt to address Bloomberg's standard complaint about guns-in-NYC through some interstate commerce window, and, etc... Anyhow, we'll find out soon enough.

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    I think who a state provides a CC to is a state issue. The fed (and for that matter the state, your town, or your sub/apt/condo board) might be involved in desiding what is a proper, reasonable, weapon to carry/own/use/buy.

    For now (next 4 years), I think gun-rights will stay about the safe, less some SHTF situation. Even then, some SHTF situations could increase gun-rights.

    The anti-gun crowd does not have the political will / ability to make big changes in the next 4 years. Now after that, I'm not sure. 4-8 years of a leaning anti-gun leadership in the legislative & executive branch chould bring changes.

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    They will probably pass large amounts of federal funding for 'nonpartisan groups' who happen to lobby against CCW laws.
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    I wouldn't put it past the Democrats to TRY to pass a national anti CCW law. It has always been left to the states, so any attempt to try to eliminate CCW nationally will be tied up in the courts.

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    What is the future of CC if Obama wins?
    Dont know. Cant tell the future yet...

    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    Let's just hope we don't find out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
    Let's just hope we don't find out.

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    Worst: BradyCampaign becomes a political party and enacts their laws. SCOTUS becomes liberal and votes anti-gun wise on all future cases before it.

    Let's hope we stop that before it goes any further.
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    I am putting my bets on resurrection of the AWB so I went ahead and picked up an AK with a box of mags and a AR-15 lower/mags that I will build up over time. I think I will buy another pistol (not sure which) in the coming days just to round out the stable.

    I am curious to know if, during the last AWB, were parts like uppers, receivers, barrels and other miscellaneous parts still available?

    Other than that I am not too concerned about CCW for now at least. I could be wron, I have been wrong before. I am hoping that if the dems get in they will have bigger fish to fry for the next few years and leave CCW alone.

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    I too think it will remain a state issue...unless challenged in the courts the state laws. For example, a group is embolded to challenge a state law (like ND did with abortion) and it makes its way to SCOTUS (like DC). Hence, those states with strong CC will stay strong, those with weak/non-existent, will remain even more so...it's all about getting reelected.


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    Not all Democrats are anti's, there are a few conservative pro 2A Dems in Congress. We need to keep pressure on them to make sure they keep their word and vote against any anti-gun legislation. I'm sure the Dem leadership will be putting a lot of pressure on them to vote along the party lines.
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    I think "they" will be too busy over the next 4 years to get much done on gun laws. If he's re-elected it may be a different story. I do see an assault weapon ban in our future.
    In the first four years I don't think he can get away with governing too far to the left like he'd like to or he will never get re-elected.

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    I think if Obama wins, the Russians are gonna tie him up good for a bit. He will be kept busy trying to stay out of a war, he won't have time to focus on firearms.

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