Ok, here's my take on this. I agree with most of it. The part about BUGs though is more of a personal opinion, I think.

As far as using one weapon for CCW, that's not something I think I'd agree with. At least, not for me. I have three pistols that I rely on for CCW, a Firestorm Compact .45 (Commander Clone), a Taurus PT-92AFS and a PT-911. They all work similarly. In other words, for all three, the safety being up means ON, (can't shoot), the safety being down means OFF, (Look out, I'm hot and ready to rumble!). And with all three, my typical backup is a Taurus Model 617B 2" barreled .357 magnum.

Frankly, I'll not only be seriously surprised if I ever need to actually use my BUG, I'll be seriously surprised if I have to pull my main CCW weapon. Well, I don't mean surprised in that fashion. It's just that I highly doubt things will get that far. BUT IF THEY DO, I'll be ready.