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CHL Instructor Carrying Mexican Style.

This is a discussion on CHL Instructor Carrying Mexican Style. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SIXTO I guess a point should be made that the mexican carry was common among the old timers. Yup. One of my ...

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Thread: CHL Instructor Carrying Mexican Style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I guess a point should be made that the mexican carry was common among the old timers.
    Yup. One of my instructors for the Academy always carried a 1911 C'N'L in his waistband sans holster. He was definitely an old timer too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Massad Ayoob
    If you go back to the roots of this term, you find that there is no racism, nor anything else pejorative in "Mexican Carry." The lore of the gun tells us that back in the 19th Century, the Mexican vaquero, much like the American cowboy, was an independent and self-reliant sort who often made it a point to carry a handgun. Alas, the history of 19th century Mexico was entailed one despot rising after another. The day came when the average citizen was stripped of his former right to go armed when he wished.

    This did not sit well with the fiercely freedom-loving caballeros. They grudgingly took off their gun belts and holsters, because possession of those accoutrements would be seen as evidence that they had violated the draconian new laws that disarmed them. However, they defiantly kept their handguns, simply stuffing them into the waistband behind their ordinary belt. If the Federales hove into view, the citizen would simply slip his revolver into some discreet place where he could retrieve it later.

    Thus, as I understand the history of the matter, there's nothing culturally negative about "Mexican Carry," as it became known. When we use the term, we're paying homage to generations of men south of the border who refused to give up the right to protect themselves and their families because petty tyrants attempted to make them helpless.
    Maybe one of the 'what-if's' that were covered at the range should have been what to do if the 'instructor' had a ND with his roscoe pointed at his gonads.
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    In honesty, unless I was carrying a Glock or similar firearm I wouldn't be too worried about a ND. It is unlikely that a manual safety would fail just because your firearm was carried Mexican style. And a double action trigger pull is also unlikely to be overcome unless someone intends to pull the trigger. Retention is my biggest problem with the mode of carry described here. It isn't difficult to find scenarios where your firearm would fall free from your pants, and that isn't a good thing.

    A basic rule tends to apply, even for Mexican carry. "If you keep your booger hook off the bang switch, the gun will not fire."
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    Some IWB Holsters are really well tucked, are you sure he did not have a holster ? I have one that is very much concealed along my waist. Then again I am 300 lbs
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    Like I said I didn't see one. This guy was probably around 65 or 70 years old, about 5'11" and I would guess 160 lbs, so there wasn't a bunch of extra to hide anything.

    When he placed the pistol back into the belt, it didn't appear that he was sliding in into any holster, just the quick pull out of the belt line and then placed the pistol in and released the bent against it. It was not a straight downward motion as if inserting into a holster.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post

    This wasn't actually during the class. Her class will be on Saturday. This was a pre class registration and informational session.
    Good. At least he didn't deviate from the prescribed course.

    As for the rest, "whatever works."

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    Mexican carry with a 1911A1, cocked and locked, first time I ever carried that way must have been about July of '57. From that day to this , that's been my carry whenever convenience, circumstances or comfort indicated. No safety concerns then and for sure none now.

    Never a problem of any sort, never dropped a firearm on the floor or in the dirt. John Browning designed that pistol for Cavalry, (movies to the contrary, sometimes those boys fell off their horses!) and it pretty well isn't going to go off without a finger on the trigger, a firm grip and the safety in the O.F.F position.

    Carry over those years covers a wide variety of physical activity from fist fights to foot races and wrestling to dancing. And during that time my waist has gone from 32" to 46" still no problems. Yup, gotta watch the close dances.

    'Course I strongly recommend you avoid elastic or "stretchy" belts!

    Never carried anything else that way except Sincle Action Army's or Ruger SA's (worked fine there too) so I can't comment about anything else.

    As always, JMHO, YMMV and it sounfds like it does for most here ... that's fine too!



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    I hope I get someone who knows what they're doing when I take some more CC classes. My "basic" safety course had someone telling people he recommended an old cowboy style gun for home defense. The single-action revolver, that you had to hammer-cock to shoot everrytime. I kinda though that was a bit much to be doing during a shootout.

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    Lots of armchair quarterbacks in this world. You should ask him when you see him again.

    I don't really know why anyone really cares how he carries, as long as he does so safely. I'd say a career as a police officer probably has provided enough experience for him to do whatever he wants.
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    Could be a SmartCarry at 12:30.

    Don't jump to conclusions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuesdayClub View Post
    Could be a SmartCarry at 12:30.
    The SmartCarry consists of a low hip belt and a holster below that, thus the entire pistol rides below the waistband---directly in front of the genitalia, actually. The OP wrote that he could see part of the pistol above the belt buckle.

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    I ve known lots of cops that carry that way. Some because of uncover work. Most BG don't carry in a holster If you need to ditch pistol last thing you want is a holster on you. I carried that way for years To day I use a holster. But I never loss or dropped a pistol. Packing that way A snub 38 or a 1911 most of time.
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