How many places are CCW friendly where you live?

This is a discussion on How many places are CCW friendly where you live? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here in Las Vegas some casinos and businesses are putting up NO FIREARMS signs. Sams Town Casino, Main Street Station and Regal Movies Theaters, also ...

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Thread: How many places are CCW friendly where you live?

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    Las Vegas, NV.

    How many places are CCW friendly where you live?

    Here in Las Vegas some casinos and businesses are putting up
    NO FIREARMS signs. Sams Town Casino, Main Street Station
    and Regal Movies Theaters, also most Wal-Marts. What about your
    neck of the woods?
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    The only posted places in my county are the USPS facilities.

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    Posted? What is that?

    I live in a small town (pop 10,000) in southeastern Colorado and I have yet to see a posting.

    Not even in the post office!

    I do not carry in the PO anyway unless I forget. In fact have accidently offered my concealed carry permit there as ID (it looks a lot like our drivers license) and not even raised an eyebrow.

    A lot of people do not realize it, but Colorado is an open carry state meaning that one can carry a handgun openly without the need for any kind of permit. However, it is very seldom that I see a person open carrying.

    Oops, I had better warn you that in Denver and a few other places near there that the local officials do not allow open carry.


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    Portland, OR
    Oregon's state law trumps any posted sign.

    I don't typically read the signs or seek them out. I am sure there have been more than I have seen. I have only seen one in the Social Security building (it was a Federal building so I wasn't going to be carrying there) and at a movie theater. My daughter works at the movie theater and knows I carry. She didn't turn me in.
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    In Mass. it's schools,PO's & Fed blds. Never run into any posted signs. Isn't the 2A the original Homeland Security? And NO you can't search me!!!
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    Back home in Louisiana!
    "For Homeland Security..."....What is that about? You can be subject of a search just for patronizing that place?!?

    I live in a fairly small town and none of that sign nonesense has 'caught on'.
    Like ExactlyMyPoint, our state law trumps some silly sign.
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    Only places I have ran across that are posted are the malls operated by Simon Property's Management and TGIF restaurants.
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    Malls are typically posted here, although not every big-box-store entrance connected to the mall.

    Some restaurants, and some fast-food places.

    Not common, but I've seen a slight increase in the signs over the last couple years.

    Ref the OP, "For Homeland Security"??? Is that supposed to make the sheep feel better?

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    Signs don't mean much in MN. Even if you walk by one they still have to ask you to leave and if you refuse you can get a $25 ticket. I have never read about ANYONE ever getting a ticket with 55k permit holders.

    Very few places are no go like: Fed buildings, pre to 12 grade schools (unless you a writen permission from Super or Principle), POs, court houses and some but not all security zones.

    We have a very good carry law.

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    Central Florida
    Ya' gotta' love the GunShine State...
    I can carry pretty much anywhere I go, and I've never spotted one of those 'meaningless' signs.
    That includes all stores and malls, banks, any restaurant we go to (just stay out of regular bar area parts of any eating establishment)...I just can't carry at school.
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    That violates their corporate policy.
    Complain to the Arkansas bunch.

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    Suburbs of Columbus Ohio
    Here in Ohio any business can post one of these signs ( link to sign) and if you carry you have commited an offense. Of course we have the normal places like goverment buildings and schools.

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    Rocky River, Ohio
    I live in suburban Cleveland. Governmental facilities, post offices, schools and liquor by the drink establishments (including restaurants) are by law, off limits.

    Other than that, most things here are NOT posted, including NONE of the banks I visit for company or personal business. The only places posted by choice that I've seen are Kinkos, the Best Cuts in my town (haven't been to any others), and the entire Crocker Park mall, including parking areas. There may be others but I haven't been to them. That leaves most of the banks, grocery stores, drug stores, book stores, and discount stores here unposted.

    As an interesting aside, the building that has the cafe where I eat during the week used to be posted. It's owned by the same guy who owns my offices. One day there was a problem with a guy with a gun in the building. Apparently a sign with a gun with a red line through it doesn't magically repel guns like Toby Hoover thinks it does. Right after that, the "no guns" sign came down. Our building never got posted at all. I know the guy who owns the buildings. He may make Robin Williams look subdued, but he's not stupid. He's got at least one other tenant who carries. I'm sure that he came to the conclusion that if the signs weren't going to keep bad people with guns away, there might as well be a few good people with guns to balance them off.

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    Govt buildings and schools. Everything else is OK for open/concealed. If a building is posted with a sign and you carry, you may be asked to leave, if you refuse you may be charged with trespassing. Some hospitals and nursing homes have these signs, but other than that I havent seen any.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAT40 View Post
    In Mass. it's schools,PO's & Fed blds. Never run into any posted signs. Isn't the 2A the original Homeland Security? And NO you can't search me!!!
    It is about the same for me in CA

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