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Anyone Notice Gun Prices Raising Yet???

This is a discussion on Anyone Notice Gun Prices Raising Yet??? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by hdawson SCfromNY. Remember, metals prices (all of them) have been climbing for the last 3 or 4 yrs. Some dramatically. Add the ...

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Thread: Anyone Notice Gun Prices Raising Yet???

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    Quote Originally Posted by hdawson View Post
    SCfromNY. Remember, metals prices (all of them) have been climbing for the last 3 or 4 yrs. Some dramatically. Add the additional cost of transportation lately, it's understandable that ammo prices going up.
    Work with a lady whose dad owns scrap metal yards, and the companies who buy the raw materials have shut down all of their purchases until the first of the year. He's running over with metal, and can't move it unless he wants to accept less than he has in it. Not saying that he's the absolute authority, but he owns 3 yards and all are overflowing right now. So I'm thinking that if the metal prices are getting jacked, someone up the line is fabricating reasons for it....

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    In the past 6 mo. noticed about a 5% increase, figured it was a fuel cost thing.
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    Many gun parts are made with plastic, which is made from oil, and until recently the price of oil was way up...
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    I have seen ammo shortages, but not necessarily prices going up.
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    I guess I'll find out this weekend at the gun show.

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    i went to the las Vegas cross road show on sunday and the usual
    ammo dealer that was there was sold out ,,yes sold out of ammo
    and u seen how much they bring ,,i was jaw dropped
    stunned and the gun show vendors were all happy so they must have
    had a good 2 days ,,i walk out with nothing i just could not believe
    that no ammo but they were the only ones there usuly 2 dealers ..

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    I just bought an XDm 9mm. I ordered it a couple days ago and it had gone up by $10 by the time I picked it up. I got the lower price but everything on the shelf is up by $10.

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    Went to a gun show Saturday...prices were up on AR type weapons. Most everything else seemed to be about the same as usual.

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    Not gun prices but ammo prices. A box of 450 Marlin bullets went from 21.99 to 40.00. Holy Cow!
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    I'm not seeing much in PA in the way of price increases. Walmart still has plenty of ammo. I've been looking at my local gun shop and Bass Pro and thinking about picking up a .22 for plinking and shooting with my son to keep the cost down. Just can't decide among a S&W, Browning or a Ruger. Can anyone help me decide? I know, dumb question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX Husker Fan View Post
    Just went to local gun store and they have mountains of AR and AK 30 round magazines, but they are all now $40 a piece and the crowded gun store was selling them quickly when I was there.
    $40 for an AK Mag???

    I am glad I got all my mags well ahead of time. Centerfire Systems, Inc. still has AK 30 rounders at a very good price but some are already sold out.
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    I don't buy new guns. I've found the used gun market falling. Great time for buyers! In tough economic times, guys tend to give up their goodies, like 1911's and Harleys. When that happens, prices drop tremendously, and vultures like me are standing by, ready to pounce.
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