1st Traffic Stop while Carrying

1st Traffic Stop while Carrying

This is a discussion on 1st Traffic Stop while Carrying within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well it finally happened. I've been wondering what would happen if/when I have a run-in with a LEO while carrying. Tonight was the night. And ...

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Thread: 1st Traffic Stop while Carrying

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    1st Traffic Stop while Carrying

    Well it finally happened. I've been wondering what would happen if/when I have a run-in with a LEO while carrying.

    Tonight was the night. And I have to say, the experience was very positive!

    Now I'll admit - yep I was wrong. I casually "strolled" thru a stop sign while yakk'n on my cell after dropping off the rental movies in my truck.

    I found that I wasn't nervous in the least. I pulled into the closest parking lot, put the hazzards on, killed the headlights, and turned off the radio - and waited.

    The LEO - about my age - advised me of what I did wrong, I apologized and stated that I didn't realize... yadda..yada.... but laughed and admitted to the violation. ( I knew I'd probably done it - I was distracted by my cell phone )

    He laughed and told me not to worry, he was only giving me a written warning anyways. With all the slippery roads we've had since the 10" of ice/sno we got lat thurs, LOTS of people have been "strolling" thru.
    When he asked or all my info I stated that I was a concealed weapons permit holder and handed him my permit card w/my licence & registration. (NOT required by ND law, but I believe why create tention?)
    If he was surprised he didn't show it, but thanked me then asked IF I was carrying. I stated that I was. He nodded, thanking me again, told me to sit tight while he check my background, and walked back to his SUV.
    After 5 min he handed me my warning, my registration, my licence and my "good-guy" card as he put it.
    He then asked if it ws OK if he inquired what my choice in a carry gun was. I told him my XD9sc.

    He commented that he'd heard lots of good things......and we ended up chatting for the next 10 min about....handguns....shooting styles.....groupings....range time.

    After reading numerous "horror" stories about traffic stops on this forum and others, I was pleased mine went so well.

    a BIG to eveybody's recomendations on HOW to act and WHAT to say. I took your advice(s) and put them into practice, and it all worked out.

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    Sounds like a great interaction! I have met and worked with (I'm not LEO) many officers who were pro-carry. Even had a local officer write my recommendation when I applied for an Oregon permit!

    I would think that since you advised you were licensed and carrying when not required to, you cemented the "good guy" perception.

    Nice to hear of a stop where you weren't disarmed, etc. Just as it should be.

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    Glad to hear, I was just inquiring the same thing in a thread I opened up concerning stops and carrying
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    Nice, glad to hear it went well and you didnt get a ticket!
    Benjamin Franklin once said, "he that would supplant a little liberty for a little safety deserves neither".

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    Glad it went well.


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    This is how it should be...
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    Excellent work on both ends. Hats off to the cop for such professionalism.
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    Where ever the government says go
    sounds like a great job on the part of the LEO
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    Traffic Stop while Carrying
    Once you get a few of those under your belt, they will become second nature. Glad you got your first one out of the way!

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    Been toten 10 years and just cant get a leo to pay any attention to my driving. But we havent had ice or snow yet on the road yet.. Real fine job on the stop.. johnsr

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    Yeah, sounds like the LEO and you were both very cool customers. Went off as it should have.

    These threads intrest me because I've heard the 'stories' of 'bad' stops too but have not beed pulled over in nearly 20 years......about the time I started carrying (irregularly).

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    when you are stopped for any reason, it all depends on your attitude. Be nice and you will be respected. I know!
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    Now I like that story, especially the "good guy" part...heh.
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