TV news mentions "Gun free zones"

TV news mentions "Gun free zones"

This is a discussion on TV news mentions "Gun free zones" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When Seconds Count: Stopping Active Killers - Cincinnati breaking news, weather radar, traffic from 9News | Channel 9 Ohio ABC station has a story ...

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Thread: TV news mentions "Gun free zones"

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    TV news mentions "Gun free zones"

    When Seconds Count: Stopping Active Killers - Cincinnati breaking news, weather radar, traffic from 9News | Channel 9

    Ohio ABC station has a story about mass murderers who are "active shooters" seeking out posted locations so they don't meet resistance. I think they are starting to get it.

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    I saw that last night, and it was filmed a long time ago. The guys in the video are all people I've worked with at one point or another.

    I guess they didnt link the video that played on the 2300 news. Its a good article anyway. Channel 9 is about the most grounded news channel I've ever seen. There may or may not be some staff members or reporters that have attended some training with me.
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    Lets hope so. That was one thing that i enjoyed with the passage of the Castle Doctrine In Ohio because it cleared up the carrying in school zones and to and from car and locked and secure. Wait kind of off topic sorry
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    Great article... Common sense finally broke out!
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    Just think, at the rate they move on things, maybe in another 40 or 50 years they might decide allowing permit holders to carry on school grounds.

    It doesn't matter what we think, the anti's will continue to brainwash the sheeple with their "guns are bad" rhetoric. Even after a shooting the families cry out for more gun control, not for crime control, and allowing for the individual to be allowed to protect themselves.
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    One of the most important parts of the article point out, "As soon as they're confronted by any armed resistance, the shooters typically turn the gun on themselves." They are bullies who fear one on one with someone of equal strength.

    This is so true in many cases

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    Interesting about the single cop entry team. (new meaning to army of one?) Have any of our forum cops' departments adopted that policy yet? Sixto? Sgt Mac? Anyone?
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    Can you imagine what the anti's would do if this was on the national news? The truth always hurts their brainwashing tactics.

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    Now tacticians believe the signs themselves may be an invitation to the active killers.

    The psychological profile of a mass murderer indicates he is looking to inflict the most casualties as quickly as possible.

    Also, the data show most active killers have no intention of surviving the event.

    They may select schools and shopping malls because of the large number of defenseless victims and the virtual guarantee no on the scene one is armed.

    Well, this reporter is a regular Sherlock Holmes...
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    You guys are, in my opinion, too excited about this. If it was on national, like Ticman mentioned, then maybe, but its hushed up by the media because it doesn't jive with their interpretation of things. "No truth in the news, no news in the truth" is becomming more and more true every day.

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