How Many Times a Day Do You Check Your Safety?

How Many Times a Day Do You Check Your Safety?

This is a discussion on How Many Times a Day Do You Check Your Safety? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Many of us carry condition 1. How frequently during the day do you check to see if your safety is "on safe"? EDIT: Poll fixed ...

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  • I'm Not Worried About My Safety Coming Off

    47 10.11%
  • Only When I Holster-up In the Morning

    95 20.43%
  • I Check it Many Times Throughout the Day

    40 8.60%
  • My Gun has No External Safety

    283 60.86%
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Thread: How Many Times a Day Do You Check Your Safety?

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    How Many Times a Day Do You Check Your Safety?

    Many of us carry condition 1. How frequently during the day do you check to see if your safety is "on safe"?

    EDIT: Poll fixed to read; "My Gun Has No External Safety"

    Thx pgrass101

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    Once when I put my pistol in the holster and one more time when i put it in the safe at night.
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    I carry an Springfield XD45 compact or a Glock so no external safeties to check for me. Only safety check is a function check after cleaning. This will be interesting to watch
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    NA. Carry condition one in an XD. My safety was permanently affixed to my right hand by the big man upstairs so if it comes off I'll notice.
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    I'm with pgrass..

    Once when putting it on as part of the "check magazine and chamber" thing. I usually don't check it when I'm putting it away as I'm pretty sure I'd notice any "abnormalities" when I took it out of the holster to put it in the safe or on my bedside table.

    So, just once.

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    I haven't ROUTINELY carried a 1911 variant or a Browning HP in nearly thirty years and have gone ALMOST exclusively to DAO pistols, so I haven't had to be concerning about "SAFETIES" per se! Thumbing a lever is too easily forgotten in emergency situations REGARDLESS of how much you THINK you have trained!

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    My edc is a revo.
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    You really needed one more selection -- "My gun doesn't have a safety". I'd bet the majority of us carry some type of DA pistol/revolver that doesn't have an external safety.

    I selected "I'm Not Worried About My Safety Coming Off" as I carry either:
    Sig 239
    Kahr PM-9
    Walther PPS
    Ruger LCP
    Sig 245
    and none of them have an external safety

    Sig 239 SAS 40 S&W / Sig 239 9mm / Kahr PM-9 / Walther PPS .40 / Sig P-245 / Ruger LCP
    Beretta Tomcat / Walther PPK / BDA 380 / Taurus 85 / Kel-Tec PF-9 / Am. Derringer 357

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    I look to see if the trigger is there in the morning when i holster the gun at my hip. Other than that, i'm fairly confident it's not just going to fall off on its own.

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    Fayetteville, AR
    Well, mainly Glock here also. No need to elaborate on that fact. My P220 SAO? Don't really ever feel the need to check the thumb safety. As long as it never leaves the holster, I have no reason to check it. 'Not worried'

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    Member Array texasccw's Avatar
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    May 2008
    Same as matiki. Carry an xd40 so I dont have a need to check the safety.

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    Mar 2008
    Great Falls, MT
    N/A for me as well. My Kahr does not have a manual safety, the only safety it has is to keep your finger off the trigger, which works pretty well for me.

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    Anchorage Alaska
    I carry a Glock, and I usually remove the firearm first before putting on the holster, and the gun is always in one piece, trigger safety and all.
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    Depends on what I'm carrying. If I am carrying my 1911 I check it when I put it on. If I'm carrying my CZ, well it's a decocker model, so no safety to check.
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    None of my 3 carry weapons have a safety to worry about.

    XD-45 Compact
    Taurus 44 Spl Snubbie
    Charter Arms 38 Hammerless unndercover
    USMC 1984-1992
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