Need help with concealment in a active job

Need help with concealment in a active job

This is a discussion on Need help with concealment in a active job within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys i'm new on here so go easy lol And I'm gonna be a bit lengthy so you guys know the situation totally so ...

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Thread: Need help with concealment in a active job

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    Need help with concealment in a active job

    Hey guys i'm new on here so go easy lol

    And I'm gonna be a bit lengthy so you guys know the situation totally so sorry for that in advance.

    I've started working recently as a smog tech here in vegas (I'm also a gear head so in that my own enemy). My job requires me to commonly lean over under and into cars. Leaving my waist exposed commonly (looking for a catalytic converter or a connector under a dash.

    But I work in a mixed part of town (rich and street thug predominantly), open to close in a 10 x 10 booth with a rear door that has a deadbolt. I have hundreds of dollars in cash daily and I do my own bank drops aswell. On top of that I'm in front of a home depot in the southwest U.S. Which typically means there are the same 20-30 "Illegals" Hanging out close by looking for day labor every day. And it's not uncommon for me to see them walking past looking inside with a "scoping the place" manner.

    Now I've heard of other guys carrying (boss probably hasn't though). But so far I've only brought my ASP (extendable baton) to work awaiting my gun and time for my CCW class. I'm buying a Kel-tec p3at (sub compact .38 double action 6+1).

    My big question is how to carry to avoid detection by what could be panicky customer or my bosses network camera that he uses to watch progress periodically. The boss would be the lighter issue honestly as he knows that I'm dealing with carrying HIS money around. But a panicky customer accidentally seeing my weapon and calling to complain that he hires thugs could blow my ability to carry at work and possibly my job (never know when the customer is involved, how a boss will respond).

    I typically wear a biker jacket jacket or vest (mainly out of comfort because I ride motorcycles) and they both allow my lower back to be seen when bent over a hood or crouched under a dash. A pants pocket holster in will either inhibit movement at work or be visible to a customer depending on the pocket. And shoulder holsters will inhibit movement and could flash a customer.

    All I can currently think of is:

    using a pocket holster in a coat/vest pocket
    (not sure if lack of snugness will stop it's usefullness and bulky under a vest as it heats back up out here/ chance of it falling out during work).

    No holster in coat or vest
    (bad for the gun and it's reliability/chance of it falling out near a customer)

    Keeping it inside the booth
    (dangerous if seen during a robbery before I can get to it/useless if I'm outside working/visible to boss's camera at start and end of day when I put it in the booth)

    Fanny pack holster
    (god awful looks/slow draw speed/ bulk while working in almost any position I have to be in at work)

    How do I keep my weapon at hand without making it so visible that some lady in her mercedes doesn't flip out at the sight of it?

    Do pocket holsters work in a coat?

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    For the sub compacts I have heard only good things about the pocket holsters when a quality one is purchased. This will keep the pistol properly oriented in the pocket and break up the outline so that it should not be recognizable as a pistol.(May not work in spandex) There are also quality garments made by companies like 5.11 tactical that sell systems specifically made to conceal firearms. There are pockets in their garments that are made to allow access and holsters with velcro that will attach in the pocket to maintain orientation of the weapon for proper access. This would be great for colder weather or at night in the high desert of NV.

    I carry a full size large-frame XD so the garment carry didn't work for me, but it was what I really wanted. Pocket carry with the Kel-Tec should be safe, convenient, and discrete.
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    YouTube - passive101's Channel

    He has detailed video's on the smart carry. I own one and use it frequently when I need deep concealment.

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    +1 on the pocket holster AND SmartCarry options.

    And Welcome Aboard!

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    I'd go with a KelTec or LCP or perhaps inside the shirt shoulder holster of some sort.

    Good luck

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    Since you already decided on the P3AT, Pocket Holster is definitely the way to go. For a larger framed gun, I would say a shoulder rig if you expect to be wearing a jacket or vest.

    Good luck.

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    I just recently commented in another thread with a guy who is a mechanic (I'm a farmer). Working under and over equipment where you are physically active is difficult to do, plus it's difficult to keep your gun concealed and also maintain some sort of comfort for yourself.

    I've found that if I wear loose-fitting pants with generous pockets......AKA....... Cargo Pants, I can easily keep my holstered LCP in my front right pocket. It stays concealed, in place, and always pretty darned accessible.

    In the "public arena" that you find yourself, if you feel something potentially threatening, you can casually put your hands in your pocket, gripping your gun, in a non-threatening manner.

    It works for me........YMMV
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    Another option is going to be ankle carry. As long as you don't wear highwater pants, you should be OK there.
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    Welcome, and I would immediately toss out the idea of keeping it in the booth.

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    Pocket or ankle carry for the P3AT. Both are secure and about equal in accessability given the type of work you are doing. This pistol is extremely light and compact and hides easily in a front pocket or on the ankle. Get two and carry one in each position. That gives you 14 rounds and you can draw whether sitting or standing. For a little more firepower, you could get a Keltec PF9 for the pocket and keep the P3AT on the ankle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperKnight View Post
    Another option is going to be ankle carry.
    You beat me to it.

    The way the OP describes his job, it doesn't sound like he would be jumped by surprise, but would be able to see something going down a little beforehand.

    If that's the situation, wearing long pants with an ankle holster would really be the only way to carry comfortably and with no chance of being made.
    The obvious downside is that an ankle holster takes more effort and time to get to, and doing so would telegraph what you're doing before you'd want.
    But at least there'd be a weapon "nearby" if needed.

    Sounds like not the ideal option, buy maybe the best option considering the circumstances.
    For the record, I tried ankle carry with a 642, but was always uncomfortable with it due to how far away the pistol was from my hand if I needed it quickly. While I keep the ankle holster around for maybe some unforeseen situation, I haven't used it for 2 or 3 years.

    One last thought is that since the OP appears to work in a cubicle and hangs around there a lot, perhaps an ankle carry would be good to get to work and back, but at work, slip the pistol in a well hidden but convenient cubbyhole somewhere in the cubicle.

    There's always a way.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Two words... Pocket Carry!

    Works for me every day.

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    Welcome to

    First off, as has been stated, booth carry is a bad idea. Especially if you ever have to leave the booth to look for a catalytic converter as you stated.

    I'd go with a smart carry or maybe a nice holster/compression shirt, Master of Concealement - Your Source for the Best in Concealment Holsters, Concealment Clothing, and Concealed Carry Products, but they are a bit expensive to outfit your whole week with. There are also the same material in some shorts on the same page.

    The BellyBand might be an option, but I'm thinking in the Vegas desert it might get a bit itchy.

    Good luck and don't just try one thing, try many and report back on your findings.
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    Pocket carry with the right pants may be ideal. I have found that deep pockets with a 6" (or bigger) opening work well. As far as it being spotted, mine never has.
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