Newbie sort of

Newbie sort of

This is a discussion on Newbie sort of within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recieved my permit a few months ago, and shortly thereafter Dear Wife and I went and picked up our first gun, an XD9. I ...

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Thread: Newbie sort of

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    Newbie sort of

    I recieved my permit a few months ago, and shortly thereafter Dear Wife and I went and picked up our first gun, an XD9. I carried all day for the first time on Thanksgiving--even though they're all anti's, I figured it would be a safe place to work out the kinks. No-one said anything, so it went off well. When DW gets her permit we'll both go to WW and get natchos (hopefully before the new year)

    I'd like to share: 1. amo is cheaper if bought in bulk, usually online vs at the store (although I am still comparing prices) 2. For those who are waiting for thier significant others to come around, DW & I were reading here and talking about guns for three+ years before a purchase was made. Stay the course with him/her, good things come to those who wait. 3. the maturity/sense of responsibility promoted here is commendable. This is a good crowd. The mods and everyone here should enjoy a pat on the back.

    Questions: 1. Is there a difference between 9mm and 9mm Luger? Cabelas says no, I thought I read differently somewhere. 2. does the mainspring eventually relax a little? I can rack the slide a handfull of times before it gets hard to accomplish. 3. Any recommendations for a .22 for 6yo Dear Son to learn on?

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    9mm pretty much nowadays stands for the round known as 9mm Luger. There are other 9mm out there but they have designations (kurtz, corto) but for all intents and purposes 9mm and 9mm Luger are one and the same/
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    Welcome, welcome. I'm relatively new, too.
    Please be very careful with the 6 year old. There are a lot of people here with experience training young ones. Ask around as to the best ways to do it.
    Too many accidents happening, not to be extra cautious!
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    An air rifle may be a more appropriate choice for a 6yo. My 6yo can't properly hold even the smallest of 22 rifles. That's why I bought her a cheap bb gun. Shoots straight enough and is great for teaching firearms safety.

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    +1 for the airgun for the youngster. Very good way for all to build safety habits and shooting skills, even in the home. If you catch the habit, you can sink some serious cash into serious airguns and have way too much fun yourself.

    Take care anytime the youngster handles ammunition/pellets with a face and hand washing. No need to start accumulating lead.
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    from Central Florida!

    I agree, buying in bulk can be a great savings. Also, supporting a particular gun shop will usually give you better prices...two that I support treat me very well.

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