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This is a discussion on I Survived within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been noticing a lot of "help me convince my anti-wife" type posts. I Survived is a show that comes on the BIO channel ...

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    I Survived

    I have been noticing a lot of "help me convince my anti-wife" type posts. I Survived is a show that comes on the BIO channel (don't ask me what day) that my wife is hooked on and so therefore I watch it as well. There is always 1 or 2 stories about a random act of violence every episode. In most of those situations a gun in the hands of the victim would eliminate the grief and emotional scars that most of the people on the show have. Just set your DVR and let your wife/gf see that bad things do happen to normal people with no criminal connection. Hope maybe it helps at least a few of you guys.
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    You know what works for me? A lot of those horror type movies where the antagonists try to kill off the main characters. I get so mad at those movies. If I'm by myself or with a fellow gun nut I'll start calling the characters dumb***** because they either don't possess or don't know how to use a gun. 9/10 times those movies would end in five minutes if those idiots had a gun and knew how to use it. Instead they waste an hour or so of my time showing how sheeple run and hide and their vain repeated attempts to call the police (phone line disconnected or no cell service, or they take 15 or more minutes to arrive) until eventually they are finished off. By then all I can think is how stupidly they handled the whole thing.

    If I'm with someone I'm trying to convince, I more politely point out the error in the main characters' judgement.
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    I've seen the show once or twice....you're right, good point.
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    For the significant other that is setting on the fence it might convince them. For the die hard anti the only thing that will change their mind is when it happens to them.
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    Actually my wife read an article in the Phoenix Newspaper about women shooters and how it was a growing trend.

    She asked me if she could learn to shoot. The next month, she went to Shooters World on Tuesday or Thursday nights, free for women to shoot, just have to buy the ammo.

    One month after that, we both bought guns and joined Shooters World
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    my wife agrees with my ccw, but doesn't want one for herself. She will go to the range with me and pratice...she just doesn't want to carry daily. I am still trying to convince her for protection of our kids while I am not along.
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    Yep. I Survived is a good show to watch to see how the "random act of violence" is an all to common occurrence in this world.
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    It took many years of listening to news reports of both national and local crime for my wife to begin to take notice. Now she spouts off about how unsafe our world is...as I do.
    It took decades for her to see a need for CCW...now she has her permit and weapon, but does not carry as much as she should.
    Everything is in baby steps.
    We are on our way to the range this morning. I'm subtly trying to gain her a new love...with a Glock-26...we'll see how that goes.

    Stay armed...it's a cruel world out there...stay safe!
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    My local area is where that Forest Service K9 officer was killed recently. My wife used to sometimes go on about "Why do you bother in this small town? Nothing bad ever happens here..."

    She said it after this incident and I calmly looked her right in the eyes and said, "Except for the stabbings and fights that my sensei tells my class about that don't hit the local paper or news. Or maybe the Forest Service officer brutally murdered by a wacked out psycho? How about the carjacking victim that was also brutally murdered by that nutjob? Then I better mention the shootout at the casino gas station between the suspect and the police to make sure that we cover our bases." Turning away to continue packing up the diaper bag I added, "You're absolutely right, Honey. Nothing bad can ever happen around here to me, and more importantly, you and our currently helpless child because this place is so dang safe that several million-to-ones couldn't possibly all happen in the same day, right?"

    That topic hasn't come up since...

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