Carry with weapon Chambered?

Carry with weapon Chambered?

This is a discussion on Carry with weapon Chambered? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Haven't seen this around, and was intrested in this area. I'm reluctant to carry with my pistol chambered as it has no external safty..only and ...

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Thread: Carry with weapon Chambered?

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    Carry with weapon Chambered?

    Haven't seen this around, and was intrested in this area.

    I'm reluctant to carry with my pistol chambered as it has no external safty..only and internal safety. I would hate to discharge my weapon on accident while shifting it, pulling out (for whatever reason) and just the fact that it's safety "could fail" and discarge on it's own...unlikely but nothing to chance.

    Do you think that you could pull and chamber weapon if the need would arise? Or just keep it chambered just so you could draw and fire in an instance.

    For me it wouldn't be but just a second to pull and chamber, but you know how that extra second could be used.

    I would like to feel that I could give my self enough time to pull and chamber. Than to risk accidentall discharge, and the ramifications of such an event.

    So you pack hot or not? Why.

    If my carry choice had a trigger, grip safety, or both, I would more likely carry hot, but you still run the risk (less risk I would think) of accidental discharge.

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    Run a search as this exact topic has come up a number of times including a long thread in this are a just under 60 days ago.

    - Janq would not carry in any mode but chambered, with a correctly operating modern combat/duty grade handgun
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    I think I can speak for the majority of the members on this forum...they carry chambered. To put it simply, and to quote somebody..."Keep your booger hook off the bang switch." Most of the popular DA auto out there have not external safety. Speaking only in your interest...If you do not feel safe carrying it loaded, you should not carry it until you feel competent to do so. You simply train yourself to draw with your finger straight along the trigger guard and do it in reverse to holster. Your modern friearms are perfectly safe to carry "hot" and will not go off unless the trigger is pulled. Remember, an empty gun is just a piece of pipe.
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    I made a similuar post, the going from the forum is keep one in the chamber. Even without an external safty, It would be no different as if you were carrying a revolver. The trigger pull would be a lot harder on the first try before in goes into SA mode.
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    This is posted by just about every one when they first start carrying.

    Always carry with a round in the chamber, Revolvers have had rounds in the chambers for over 100 years.

    To get comfortable unload your pistol, cock it and carry it around all day. At the end of the day it will still be cocked.

    The seconds you save by not having to cock your pistol will probably save your life. Think of it as not wearing your seat belt but putting it own right before you have a wreck.

    Buy a good holster that covers the trigger. After you carry awhile you will want to buy a good belt (one built to carry heavy things own) to carry your holster on.

    Take your time and read the posts on this sight. If you can take a class on concealed carry and defensive shooting. Join the IDPA shoot often and have fun while you are doing it.
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    +1 for chambered. I would chamber two but I have trouble carrying the coach gun in my pants.

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    Carry one in the pipe and invest in a good holster that is fit to/molded to your particular firearm and which covers the entire trigger area of the weapon.

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    Frogbones, you’ve asked a good question, that I am sure many of us have contemplated.
    Sure, safety always comes first, and even the remote possibility of an “AD” is intolerable, but carrying a pistol without a round in the chamber is not the answer.

    I use to carry a 38-S&W Chief special, as my off duty weapon. I carried that pistol for over 5 years, and shot it over 500 times, and while it had no safety, I never ever had an “AD”.

    Why… The trigger pull was about 8-lbs in double action, and most importantly, I kept the pistol in a holster.

    You did not state which pistol you carry, but let presume it’s a Glock like the one I carry today. Sure, I’ve seen the test where they drop a Glock out of a small aircraft and let it bounce down the runway. Then the demonstrator picks it up and fires the “blank” that was in the chamber.

    Even knowing Glock’s are one of the safest pistols known to man I always carry mine G26 in a holster. By doing so, the holster becomes the safety, and I only draw it out of the holster when I mean to use it, or when I’m in my room and intend on putting it up.

    Even then, after I take off my holster, I place the Glock back inside the holster.

    Remember, your best defense is your mind, and the same can be said for safety.

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