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This is a discussion on fingerprinted within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You think that's "funny"... wife was with me when I went to get my new-to-me P226 from the pawn shop. After they ran the "instant ...

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    You think that's "funny"... wife was with me when I went to get my new-to-me P226 from the pawn shop.

    After they ran the "instant background check" and it came back OK she says "Well, I guess they didn't catch that felony" right infront of the clerk.
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    Why exactly do they need your finger prints? If they run the background on you and see you aren't an ex felon, wanted, or have a PFA on you, why more do they need? I love all these rules they force on citizens! And, they act like they make a difference. I don't know about anyone else, but if I am going to commit a violent crime with a gun, I am not going to drive down to the gun shop and lay down $500 for a nice pistol, have it registered in my name, and jump through hoops. I am not going to wait 6 months while my damn concealed weapons permit gets approved. No, if I am going to commit a violent crime, I am going to head down town, ask around for about 15 minutes, and pick up a Saturday Night Special for $50 out of someone's trunk.

    All this waiting and checking and finger printing is a way for your state to make it hard to get a concealed weapons permit. If they make it a headache, then people will be less likely to apply for one, and the government wins again.

    Everytime I think about moving from PA, I think about how easy it was to get my CCW and how easy it is to get firearms. That alone will keep me here.
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