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Off to Italy

This is a discussion on Off to Italy within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I'm off to Italy for 20 Days. Anyone have any advice on self defense over there. Perhaps just carrying a knife??...

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Thread: Off to Italy

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    Off to Italy

    Well I'm off to Italy for 20 Days. Anyone have any advice on self defense over there. Perhaps just carrying a knife??
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    I have absolutely no idea but, Have yourself a great safe trip - so much to see in Italy. You'll be glad that you're going for 20 days.

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    My GF and I went two summers ago. I hear the typical tricks are to shine a laser on the pavement to distract or pairs will bump into you and pickpocket. A big black guy on the plane returning told us a he caught a girl in the act of pulling his wallet or money from his pocket. Pretty gutsy but not so much when she got caught. I had absolutely no problems. We were extra vigilant in Naples, a little less in Rome and points further south was no problem at all. Many times we would make sure to have a wall in back of us in populated places, or if standing out in the open stand almost back to back, like in the Naples train station area. I felt safe in Rome generally, even at night. People are friendlier than anywhere I've been, and very helpful. Just watch each other's back and keep your eyes open. You will have a great time. I am very jealous! Can't wait to go back. - ciao!

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    Show your respects to the local Don and you shouldn't need to worry about self defense
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    My Father was in Italy a few years back. On the bus a Girl was distracting my Father and He was watching Her for fear She was trying to rob Him. When he got off the bus, he reached for His video camera and it was gone. They were working as a team. He let the Cops know, but We all know how that goes. He had a great trip regardless.

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    There are some good ideas here:;; or

    These are not all specific to Italy, but there are excellent ideas useful anywhere and anytime.

    Make sure you have a great walking/hiking stick, and a "throw down" or"decoy" wallet with a few $$ and old expired gift cards.

    Be safe!
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    Never carry your wallet in you pants back pocket, or chew for that matter (instant tell for american), and blend as much as you can (with a camera and map).
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    Consider a money belt to keep your wallet and passport in, inside your pants. Leave all expensive watches and jewelry at home for sure (you and the wife). Watch out for packs of little kids and gypsies. Don't wear cargo pants. Be extra vigilant on subways. I lived in Brussels Belgium last summer and spent a lot of time on public transportation. Always had a 3" tactical knife in my hand in my pocket and stayed vigilant. Never had an issue, even in the poorer areas, but heard of others who did. Stay safe.
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    A lot depends on where you are going... my hunnee and I did an 11 day run there and in the "touristy" areas, you shouldn't have much trouble, but get off "the beaten path", and it can be dodgy...

    1st order of business: a money belt. Keep your cash, passport and other stuff in your pants, not your pants pockets. We got cheap cloth ones locally and I think they were 10 or 12 bucks...

    We were never in any seriously sketchy areas or situations, but we were also in a large tour group. The other posters are correct... watch for distractions. I was standing in a crowd in Florence listening to a tour guide, and another person in our tour spotted a guy moving through the crowd and paying too much attention to my camera bag. Once he was made and I made eye contact with him, he took an abrupt turn and headed away...

    Good exercise for your situational awareness...
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    I spent close to 9 years assigned to Italy with the U.S. Sixth Fleet (home ported out of Gaeta Italy). Violent crimes are very rare against tourists. Unlike here in the U.S. you do not have the option of carrying personal protection/self defense devices including anything larger then a pocket knife and if caught doing so will be at the mercy of their justice system/laws. The one location where there is an elevated risk of robery/attempted fraud is at the train stations (particularly at the Central Station in Naples and Rome). If you are approached by an individual offering to sell you discounted electronics, give you a ride or other services politiely decline and walk away.

    My recommendation is to go enjoy yourself, apply common sense ATFP practices and treat the local population with respect and you will find Italy in general to be a rather benign environment.

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