Resent the cost of CCW

This is a discussion on Resent the cost of CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After 7+ years of living in this state I went and did the CCW class. It was good. The $100 cost was fair. Two evenings ...

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Thread: Resent the cost of CCW

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    Resent the cost of CCW

    After 7+ years of living in this state I went and did the CCW class. It was good. The $100 cost was fair. Two evenings and 4 hours at the range.

    The actual CCW is $100 + for 5 yrs. Seems superfluous to me. If I can legally buy a gun and completed the class the background check of $25 should be the real cost.


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    I just signed up for my class, cost me $55

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    I agree that 'sign-up' costs for concealed carry licenses are too expensive. In Florida it's $115-ish for the first time, and another... $75 per five years thereafter to renew it? Anyway, far too expensive for the criminal background check, printing of the card, and paying for the maybe fifteen minutes labor involved in doing both. Considering what a driver's license costs, there's no reason the license should cost more than $30. I'm honestly surprised there's been no serious discussion about this changing in Florida...

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    Agreed. The costs should be exactly as they are in Vermont. Oh, wait.... they don't issue in Vermont do they! Too bad all those poor people can't carry then.... oh, wait. They can? Yep! No permit required for CC or OC in Vermont.

    The only thing Alaska has on this perfect system, is that they do offer a permit to those who want one (not required in Alaska for either OC or CC either). So why would one wish to get a permit in Alaska then? For travel to (less enlightened) States that honor another States permit! (Like here in Michigan).

    Our rights should not be on a "permission" basis. Read quotes from the founding fathers on firearms if you have any doubt of their intentions. It will become imminently clear quite quickly!

    What part of "shall not be infringed" do we here (the choir?) not understand???
    Regards, T Bone.

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    GA's 45$ for a license and no training FTW
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    I think it ran around $195 total for me the first time in 2001. Class and initial application. I'm figure the cost of obtaining a CHL permit in my state has more than likely caused some to do without or have second thoughts. My renewal due in the next three months will cost me $60.

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    The class was $60. The CWP is $50 for 4 years.

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    In Mississippi, it is $100 for the application plus $24 for the fingerprints for 4 years. After you turn it in, you have to wait 120 days before receiving your permit.
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    Class was $75, license fee $60 for 5 years.
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    Kentucky is $75.00 for the course then $60.00 fee to sherriff.
    $1.00 is too much. Vermont has the right idea.

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    How much is your life worth? How much is extra defensibility in court worth?

    I'll agree that I would be happy if my CWP only cost $20 instead of the $115 that it did cost. But either way it's noise in the grand scheme of things. I'll happily continue to pay $115 if we can address some of the more important issues like campus carry and the availability of silencers.


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    Be thankful you don't live in California. With training and all other "fees' it ended up costing around $500.00 and is only good for 2 years. I just renewed my Utah permit...cost $10.00 and it's good for 4 years.

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    State Fees - $140
    CHL class - $130
    50 rd. box of .40SW - $27
    Lunch at Subway - $8

    Being able to carry concealed - PRICELESS
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadeye72 View Post
    In Mississippi, it is $100 for the application plus $24 for the fingerprints for 4 years. After you turn it in, you have to wait 120 days before receiving your permit.
    This is what I payed though if it were a penny it would still have been too much IMO. I've recently been told the fingerprint fee has gone up to 35. What will these fools do next?
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    The problem with Vermont is that you cannot carry anywhere else; you have to get non-resident permits.
    My Florida CCW is good in many states, costs me $20 per year;
    I spend more than 10 times that on training ammo ... not even mentioning the range fees, a new holster here and there, gun show tickets ...

    I'd rather enjoy what I have than get upset by what I don't have ...
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    The second rule: "Bring enough gun"

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