Ever been exposed??

Ever been exposed??

This is a discussion on Ever been exposed?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Might ought to say, have you been busted for carring concealed? If so was it someone you know. Did they give you away? What did ...

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Thread: Ever been exposed??

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    Ever been exposed??

    Might ought to say, have you been busted for carring concealed? If so was it someone you know. Did they give you away? What did you say?
    My wife went to pat me on the rear end when we were out one night and I'd just started carring. She hit me right on the j-frame and hollered out loud "what is that"?! Told her it was my revolver and we didn't need to advertise it to everyone around us.
    She wasn't fond of me carring at the time but didn't say anymore about it but commented I was gonna blow my butt off since I was carring it in my back pocket and not a holster.

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    I carry in a holster with 1 in the chamber. I was sitting on the couch when my wife touched it with her foot. She got real scared and thought she would blow her foot off. I tried to convince her that there is no worries since the trigger has to be pulled to fire the gun.
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    No, I have never been "made" for carrying a weapon.
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    My daughter asked me quietly sometimes if I am carrying because she is scared . On Occasion She ask with her outdoor voice. I always say yes darling quietly and she says good I feel better.
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    Was out at a range shooting clay birds. My buddies little brother came up to me and grabbed me to give a hug. First thing he says is "whats that, a gun?!" Told him that we would talk about it later.
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    On Thanksgiving I was giving my grandma a hug goodbye and she grabbed my gun. Luckily she thought it was a cell phone.

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    Gotta' get closer than most...

    The other day my wife gave me a hug and assumed I was unarmed since my 40 cal wasn't at three or 6 oclock iwb. She pulled me closer and found my new Ruger LCP at 2 oclock.

    "My, you're just full of surprises".

    (Her's was at 4:30, or so).

    She used to not like me to carry all the time at home - she's come around though. We've always got "something" handy.

    So far, we've never been "made" in public or by those whom we haven't explicitly told (so far, just her Dad and my brother know we carry)
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    Never been busted carrying concealed. But, during the warm months, I open carry the majority of the time here in Southwest Tennessee. I don't know if that would count of not.
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    Twice. Once by a coworker who was real subtle about it, and when I clarified what he meant, it was all I could do to not reach back and check my shirt to see if it came untucked, then retucked behind the grip. I got the opportunity to do so discretely and I was good, he did not specify how he knew, and we both left it at that.

    The second time was when I was doing an inframe rebuild on an engine and during the course of rolling around on my back, my shirt did come untucked and re tucked behind the grip. Another coworker said "Man, every time I run into you I like you more and more". I asked him what he meant by that and he gave a nice description of the gun in my holster, told me my shirt was behind the grip and asked what make, model and caliber. We chatted a little bit, he is working on getting his CC I retucked my shirt and impressed upon him that this conversation did not happen.

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    When I first started carrying, my wife didn't know I was had gotten my license yet... (it was my way of testing how good I was concealing) - We had been hanging out for the better part of two days when I miraculously actually got 2 days off in a row and around the end of the second one while out to eat she gave me a hug pretty low and here eyes opened up real wide... "Have you had that thing on you all day?" I smiled and said, "Two days". Since then she hasn't really worried about me getting made... but maybe she should have...

    The only other time I've been made was a couple of weeks ago. I'm the video director of a large church and we were changing our stage over for the Christmas season (72 Christmas trees from 4' to 15', 1,000 pounds of snow, and over 100 poinsettas) and we normally use about 30-50 volunteers to help out. As things were winding down, I started rough housing with some of our teenage volunteers... for some reason they like this grumpy video editor... and I ended up having one of them in a headlock and I rolled him (not thinking) onto my right hip to free up my left hand to deal with his buddy... He starts screaming, "Ow! Something in your pocket is digging into me!" Once I let him go he starts patting me down and (still yelling - because he's the kind of kid that always yells so he gets attention), "What's in your pocket!" One of my coworkers (who's getting a CHL and knows I carry) says, "Lucas, how 'bout you just be quiet, okay?" and gives him the all business look... so he shuts up, but by then most everyone else was curious as well. I later (after much, much hounding) let him know what it was and that I have a CHL. Of course being a teenage guy he thought it was the coolest thing ever. I then let him know that unlike everything else in his life, he's got to actually keep his mouth shut about this one... Good news is that he respects me enough to listen when I'm serious...
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    I've never been made, atleast nobody has ever asked me specifically about my concealed gun or the bulge under my shirt/coat.

    I have dodged several hugs around the waist or some friend sneaking up on me a poking me in the ribs with his fingers. Of course they hit the butt of my 1911 but never asked what it was.
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    After 24 years of CC, I've been "exposed" more than once. I've lived in both Washington and Alaska -- open carry states -- so am not as concerned about 100% concealment as others might be.

    The one time that could have turned ugly was when I was at the university in the early 1980s. I had a permit and permission to carry, but only my closest friends knew. One day in the ASB office where I worked, a fellow student gave me the slap on the back as he walked by. He slapped me right on top of the Taurus PT-99 in my vertical shoulder holster. (for all you younguns, there were no cell phones then to use as a cover.)

    "You [Edited]," he said loudly, and turned to confront me on it. He said he was going to call campus PD, and I replied, "Go ahead -- they gave me specific permission to carry." That was the end of it, but I anticipated he might go further, such as a complaint to the univerity President, or exposing my secret to the ASB Board of Directors. Never went any further, but I could tell that every time we crossed paths he was trying to decipher if I had it with me.

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    Not 100% sure. I was at a weekly event where I was sitting next to someone who kept staring at the pocket where my LCP in its Nemesis resides. I realized that the combination of my sitting position and thin pants material was pulling enough to show a bit of the outline.

    The next week, I stuck an inhaler in that pocket and was sure to 'incidentally' pull it out and use it in front of him.

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    My mom (visiting from IL) busted me while we were out shopping one day. She was surprised...then looked confused and asked me "why do you have your gun?"

    Walking out of the mall I pointed out potential BGs and choke points, poor lighting, etc...

    Then I was told I was paranoid.
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    This past weekend I was visiting family and was talking to one of my uncles about it. He a fellow gun fanatic and so we talked guns at his place for a while and he showed me all his toys.

    Later that day we were at my grandmas and he was sitting talking to my mom. In a loud voice he asks her what she thought about me and my dad getting "that thing". An aunt who I had visited earlier as well and purposefully NOT talked about my gun was sitting on the other side of the room and asks what they are talking about. My mom turns to her and calmly tells her concealed pistol permits. Her eyes went as big as saucers. It was hilarious. Then all the guys in the room started asking if I had it with my and wanted to see it.

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