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How many times do you chamber a round?

This is a discussion on How many times do you chamber a round? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So to clarify: Every time you chamber a round in a semi-auto there is a risk of the round being seated deeper in the cartridge. ...

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Thread: How many times do you chamber a round?

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    So to clarify: Every time you chamber a round in a semi-auto there is a risk of the round being seated deeper in the cartridge. Some calibers and firearms are more susceptible to this then others. The issue is: if you continually chamber and unload the same round, the bullet may get pressed into the cartridge and lead to an unsafe rise in pressure. This does happen!

    there have been some good old threads on this. I'll see if i can find one.

    To the OP question: I would get some calipers (or the glass table-ruler method above) and measure any round in question. If the bullet is set deeper in the case, I would discard it. Some people like to fire them at the range, but this may be dangerous. If the round measures good as new, then you are ok to keep using it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by customtle View Post
    I beleive he's asking how many times do you guys chamber and unchamber a round before you consider it.... Unfit for use
    Thanks custom,

    The question is that sometimes you have to unload and load the gun (taking one out of the chamber and chambering again). After a couple of times the bullet starts to show some setback (slug going into the casing, if you put a previously chambered round next to an unchambered one, you will se the chambered gets shorter due to the bullet getting into the casing a bit).
    You don't want to do this too many times because you may damage the round...
    Most people, keep these chambered rounds aside and shoot them when going to the range and carry fresh rounds... I want to know how many times these people chamber a round before they deem it unfit for carry.
    By the way, I NEVER discard a chambered round. I fire it at the range. Specially since my carry rounds are generally of better quality and I feel it would be a waste to discard them. The only way I would discard a round is if I thought it would damage my gun for some reason or that it would be dangerous to fire. Little setback? No problem...

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    I usually send an SD round downrange after the third tick mark (I mark my rounds with a sharpie each time they are chambered) if the bullet setback is more than a couple of thousandths. This is more important for the 357 SIG than other types of ammo since the necked-down casing has less area to secure the bullet.
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    I wonder if you could get away with using an inertia bullet puller to remove the setback...

    I have 4 mags that I use when I go a practicing. All 4 mags get unloaded into a tray, including my piped one. When I am done, I load all 4 back up and 50/50 chamber one off the mag, then top off the mag or feed one directly into the pipe. 57 rounds and I have no clue who has been chambered and who has not.

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    twice only

    If I have chambered a round and remove it without firing it, it goes in the "next" box tobe fired on the next trip to the range.

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    Like Jason, I prefer direct chambering. Tangle has looked pretty thoroughly at this issue. Short version is, many manufacturers are okay with this; a number of manufacturers say not to do it because it can damage the extractor. 1911s seem particularly not to like direct chambering.

    I simply shoot my guns too often to blow through a mag of defense ammo every time I go to the range or a match, so I end up unchambering a lot.
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    I was told that the M&P 40 was one where direct chambering would over time damage the extractor. I have never checked my rounds though for the bullet getting pushed into the case, I'll have to measure tonight.
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    I usually don't chamber a particular round more than once or twice because I rotate them. At least every 3 or 4 months I shoot up my carry ammo and replace it.
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    I do what someone else already mentioned..... if I have to unload (really only for range trips) when I extract the one from the chamber I take a sharpie and just put a little hash mark or something on it and then when I reload it goes somewhere down in the mag and a "fresh" round gets chambered. This way I can just see how many times any particular round has been chambered and once a round has been chambered twice it gets put back in the box to be used at my next range trip.

    So a box will last a while depending on how often you go to the range or if you unload/reload any other times?

    When I'm done at the range, while packing up, I'll load my carry ammo back into the mag (but won't chamber one) so on the ride home (just a couple miles) I at least have an operable gun but I usually clean it right when I get home anyway so it just saves having to chamber one just for the ride home.

    I guess I'm a little less prepared during that drive home when anything can happen but until I stop taking out massive student loans I need to be somewhat cognizant of ammo $$$.

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    After reading up on Tangle's research a while back (as mentioned previously) I've started direct chambering with my Sig. Little or no setback occurs for me with this method.

    I have noticed, however, that the casing rim gets pretty chewed up by the extractor after a while. I know I'm opening a whole new can of worms here, but what's the concensus on that issue? i.e. How many times is too many before the rim might be too beat up for proper extraction?

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    When I go to the range, I shoot the first three rounds from each mag...then shoot my practice ammo...finally replace the practice ammo with my SD rounds.
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    Whenever I go to the range, I actually fire the entire magazine, then load the practice stuff. After cleaning the good stuff goes back in.
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    I did a quick test on this a few years back. I took my G17 and chambered a round by inserting a mag and easing the slide forward on the same round 15 times. Using my calipers I couldn't detect any setback. Now when I let the slide return to battery with the release I l had setback by 7 chamberings. You might try the different way of chambering the round "IF" your gun lets you do this- alot of handguns don't. My 1911 doesn't like this method at all!

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    huh??? What are you guys talking about? I thought this was a standard 'do you chamber a round to carry?' type question. If so, my answer is "yes. Get used to it. Use a revolver until you are comfortable."
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    Quote Originally Posted by glock45 View Post
    Fellow DCers,

    How many times do you chamber a round before putting it aside for the range?

    I got to my last box of .45 +p HSTs and I want to make it last...
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