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When you carry, are you chambered? Safety on?

This is a discussion on When you carry, are you chambered? Safety on? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Rgr - unless I am forgetting something myself - I'd say this is a ref to the draw technique - where finger off trigger is ...

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    Rgr - unless I am forgetting something myself - I'd say this is a ref to the draw technique - where finger off trigger is the only safe way to go.

    Even as gun clears leather it is briefly and usually not pointing in a safe direction for us - but as the draw proceeds toward either a retention hold or full arm extension then the trigger is aquired if needed.
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    Thanks P95...that's what I was thinking.
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    i love the xd because if its holstered its safe you have to have a grip on it to fire. As an aerospace tool designer i think it is one of the safest designs out there and belive me i know how to design stuff and its easy to use if you got into a battle. no levers to flip up for a safety just grab and go holster again and its safe. i love the grip safety and the triger safety. i think its safer than a 1911 style.

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    I have been experimenting with the CZ75 B in C&L... so far so good.

    Otherwise, always one in the pipe ready to go, and as little in the way of safeties as the design of the gun necessitates. I'm used to the pull and fire action of a revolver and that's what I tend towards.

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    When I carry a weapon,I'm ready to shoot the weapon. Without sound,without fuss. Just a small click(actually the safety on my Kimber has been overhauled to be very quiet)then a two bangs. Why be ALMOST ready ??? ------

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    Para .45 LDA locked and cocked, safety on.
    When carrying the wheelgun, loaded and ready to go.

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    Revolver, so no safety to worry about... just the block of seasoned oak between my ears. 6x .357 ready to launch.

    EDIT: Speaking of solid oak, I just realized I left it in the garage. Took it off while crawling around under the truck. Um, excuse me for a moment....
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    Cocked and locked with the 1911, DA safety on with the HK

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    1911 - All I carry = Cocked and Locked!

    I have no idea why anyone wouldn't carry condition 1 and ready to go. A good holster from one of the big boys will solve all of your concerns with carrying safely.

    I would also recommend some extra training if you are concerned about how and why you should carry con 1.

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    I carry my Glocks with a chambered round. It's the only logical way for me. "Israeli" style (no round in chamber) introduces too many ways to fail.

    Regarding your second question, concerning the safety: the Glock "safe action system" has no external safety; however it does have 2 internal safeties, both of which are released by pulling the trigger. I like the simplicity of this arrangement; it's a major factor determining my preference for Glock.

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    Beretta Mini Cougar: Round in chamber, safety off, hammer notched up.
    Taurus PT 92: Cocked und Locked
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    Bersa - Round chambered, safety on, unless "yellow".

    PT 24/7 - Round chambered, safety on....Safety is incredibly easy to flip. Sometimes holster will even do the honors. I'll take it off at night and realize that the safety has flipped off at some point.
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    I carry with a round chambered, safety on (if there is a safety).

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    Wink The West Wasn't Won with an Unloaded Gun!

    Quote Originally Posted by cmidkiff
    DAO - safety is between the ears.

    Round in the chamber? Of course! What good is an unloaded gun?
    Amen. My thoughts exactly! However, I no longer carry 1911's. My primary is now a H&K USP (std size) 45 with the variation #1 trigger. I carry it round chambered, hammer down and safety off. First shot is DA with subsequent rds SA. My secondary carry gun is a Sig P245 and I carry that one exactly the same way. Sometimes I carry a Glock M27 40 and I follow the above guidelines. If you're going to carry with an empty chamber, wear brass knuckles instead. That way if you're close enough, you'll at least have a fighting chance.
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    Condition 1 with 1911s, fully loaded cylinder with revolvers. Carrying a gun that isn't ready to fire defeats the purpose of carrying in the first place.

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