Weakside Carry

Weakside Carry

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Thread: Weakside Carry

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    Weakside Carry

    Like most of us, I have a box of holsters. For a while there I was trying out different things, and I guess you could say I still am. Here is my discussion; I began recently to carry weakside IWB. I was thinking about a situation where I might have to control the situation first with my arm and hands. For example, maybe someone gets the drop on you, or perhaps there is a larger group of people in the croud. I'm a firm believer of using my gun as a last resort so having my strong arm available is important to me.

    Say for instance there is a croud and a fight breaks out within it. This fight begins to edge toward you and/or your family. If I'm attempting to remove/move an person with my stronger arm, I will want access to my weapon in the event someone tries to engage me in lethal combat. In a gunfight, I'm just as good with either but I'd rather have my strongside arm in the event of croud control.

    My personal opinion and food for thought. What do y'all think?
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    I would only carry weak side as a BUG option. I can add a simple K&D rig to belt on left for my R9 - which by using the lower of two belt slots makes it effective a cross draw - that is most useful, and only means finding somewhere else to hook up or carry my E1e, and push back my Wave pouch.

    I doubt I would switch to 1º weak side - it would deprive me of speed.
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    i dont Carry weak side as it is truely my Weak side course if i was in a hand to hand type deal i sort of have a advantage.

    Watch most anything people always go for the Right Hand well go ahead and have the right one here comes the Left..

    Just Feel odd carrying on that side with lower Range of motion from Surgrey

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    I do most everything right handed, however, due to an eyesight issue, I've taken to shooting left handed pretty much exclusively for the last year. I carry on my left side, so I suppose for me it really isnt much of an issue. If you're comfortable carrying and shooting from the weak side, it shouldnt be an issue for you

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    Unless you are truly ambidextrous, I think you'll find the gross-motor movements of grabbing, shoving, and jabbing to be more natural with the non-dominant hand. Given that non-dominant hand motions are very much sympathetic, you're setting yourself up for an ND (your pistol is in your off-hand, you grab someone with the dominant hand, and BOOM!)

    This is a very different issue than being off-hand capable. If you see this (your described scenario) as a real possibility, you will want to work on H2H and weapon retention, more than trying to make the weak side function in a way it will not want to, ala CQB. Just my $.02....

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    weak ahnd draw? Or cross draw? If you are planning weak hand draw and use, consider
    1 legal issues(so you were shooting with your WEAK HAND?)
    2 learn to use retreat and defend moves , rather than trying to move someone
    3 Blade your self to the immediate threat. Taht way your gun is last to be touched.
    4 Carry less than lethal gear to cover your retreat.

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    you could come up with 10,000 different circumstances to justify any type of carry you want to use. IWB or OWB doesnt matter, i recommend strong-side carry. no matter how you carry, train with it until drawing and firing your weapon is instinctual.

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