Let's all learn from my mistake (many pics)

Let's all learn from my mistake (many pics)

This is a discussion on Let's all learn from my mistake (many pics) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I worked a detail a few weeks ago where I was legally able to be armed, but for the sake of discretion I was carrying ...

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Thread: Let's all learn from my mistake (many pics)

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    Let's all learn from my mistake (many pics)

    I worked a detail a few weeks ago where I was legally able to be armed, but for the sake of discretion I was carrying only my Kel Tec P32 BUG. I had an extra magazine on me and a spare in a pocket of my lunch cooler. When I went to clean it out today I found this:

    Yes, it's a piece of butterscotch candy and a drink mix stuck to the magazine. Note the sticky goo along the spine of the mag.

    The pic barely shows the puddle of melted candy pooled around the top couple of rounds in the mag. It's sticky and horrible. There's a fair bit of lint and crumbs,too. (Another clean mag in the picture.) Both magazines are factory Kel Tec magazines with Flyer Wires, ammo is Cor Bon JHP.

    Now we all hear the advice given to those who pocket or purse carry their CCW. Nothing in the pocket but the gun. I've seen guns tossed into purses or bags and forgotten and neglected. I seem to have forgotten the same advice when it came to this magazine. If you or your significant other are using purse or bag or pocket carry for your CCW, take stock and see that everything is in the condition you expect it to be in should you have to use it. Stay tuned (maybe after Christmas) when I can get back to the range, I'm going to load and fire this magazine in my Kel Tec. Mythbusters style to make it as real as possible, and to cycle out my carry ammo, I plan to fire the magazine and chambered round in the gun, then peel off the drink mix and the candy and reload with the sticky mag. I'll then try to empty the magazine. I hope to simulate what would have happened if I had reached for this mag in a fight. I normally only carry the P32 with a spare when I use it as a primary, this time I grabbed an additional spare out of storage and forgot about it. I'm lucky that this wouldn't have affected me in a gunfight, this condition only occured because I forgot and left this cooler in the garage for a while. You might not be so lucky.

    Thoughts, comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome.
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    LOL! Priceless......and yucky BTW. You had a sticky situation. I guess we've all been there before. Plastic mags won't get that hot in my opinion. I do like butterscotch though. Live and learn. :)

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    Find a better place to store spare mags, after all they are small enough to fit most anywhere.
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    You would do well to have another carry gun with you for that range trip, as well as a cleaning rod to get the gummy, sticky case out of the chamber. I would strongly suggest you take the lesson you learned and not exacerbate the problem by actually trying to shoot this particular magazine without cleaning it first. Warm water and Dawn dish soap will do wonders to get the sticky stuff off of the mag and rounds (I would not submerse the rounds, though, if you intend to use them for carry - but if you're going to shoot them off at the range then whatever, just watch for squibs).

    Pocket holsters FTW.

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    If I choose to carry a couple of extra mags outside of a 'carrier' (I just did today.) I make sure that the mags are a pocket with NOTHING else.
    We all make mistakes...thanks for sharing.

    Stay armed...plan ahead...stay safe!
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    Just what the BG needs a 60 grain jacketed HP and Butter scotch. BTW Could I have a splash of Tea with THat.
    It will be Ok . Nothing a little TLC wont take care of
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    Sir, where you trying to kill him?

    No mama, When the BG tried to rob looked a like he needed a fix of Butter scotch and Lead.

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    I thought it might have been an overload of cosmoline.... god I hate that stuff

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    Come here little BG, would you like some candy?

    Every critter in the house is looking at my like I've gone over the edge I am laughing so hard. I'm laughing with you...really.

    I am not helping by trying to envision the reaction of trying to do a reload and wondering why the mag won't go in, and the mental reaction when you look to see WTH the problem is.


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    Well at least you learned this in the best possible way
    Iam curious to see how the pistol fires w/a sticky mag
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    That sticky candy should assure the magazine does not accidentally drop out of your gun...;-)
    I know, I know, you are smarter than me..just ask you..

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    I hate butterscotch candy and now I hate it even more.

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    I knew that CorBons were hot loads.... but darn!!!!!!!!!
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    NEVER use .32 +B ammo in a self-defense event. The prosecutor will crucify you for using
    killer candy-coated bullets.

    Nice share and good reminder that we can make avoidable mistakes unless we are continuously vigilant against them.

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    Thanks to Double Naught Spy for pic advice, I updated some pics.

    Actually I was thinking of the new Hornady Critical Defense ammo, but instead of super polymer tips I could use biodegradable candy filling. Maybe even call it a Green Bullet! Environmentally friendly lead credits. CA approved!

    I plan on taking along another BUG for the range trip, but I'm shooting it at the range where I work, so I figure I'll be able to handle any jam or fouling. I really expect the gun to work and the ammo to fire fine to be honest.

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