Double duty?

Double duty?

This is a discussion on Double duty? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know I've seen plenty of post about the BUG, and I guess I've somehow related this more to LEO's than anything for sensible reasons. ...

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Thread: Double duty?

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    Double duty?

    I know I've seen plenty of post about the BUG, and I guess I've somehow related this more to LEO's than anything for sensible reasons. But for the mainstream concealed carrier, I'm just wondering how many of us actually carry more than one on a regular basis. Heck....since joining this forum, I've been regularly carrying a full size spare magazine for a single pistol, and I have carried two pistols at once several times....but it's just not common for me to do so. When I have, it's been two of a kind though (i.e. Glock 22 & 27-both 40S&W) and for the amount of waistline I have, the spare magazine doesn't seem to fit in other than the small of the back if anything. Descriptions would suffice, but pics if you'd like. How many actually, regularly carry more than one, and how do you do it? Cold weather under cover is about the only way I see possible for me, and I'll share a pic. G22 strong side in Ahern pancake three slot and my baby G27 cross draw in Rosen ULE.

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    The idea of a BUG is appealing, it just it isn't feasible for me, in most circumstances, to do so. Most cops I work with end up utilizing a knife to fulfill the role you describe.
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    I always carry two on duty, plus at least one knife. Off-duty I sometimes carry a BUG but it is usually just one gun and a knife. I ALWAYS carry at least one reload for whatever guns I have on me.

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    If I carry 2, A primary.... say my glock 21 in my inside coat with my NAA revolver (.22 mag BUG) in my front pocket holster, and a small sheath knife on my strong side also.
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    Living here in Florida I carry only one, my XD 9mm SD and I carry wearing shorts, most of the time, and a tee shirt. If I carried more, it would probably show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    ... and for the amount of waistline I have...
    Do what I did.
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    I just cant seem to justify carrying more than 1 handgun. I guess I feel that if I have to use my gun to protect myself or family and cant get it done with the 8 rounds in the gun, it wasnt meant to be. I've been well trained and qualified expert in the military so feel that I *should* have the advantage. It may sound a little errogant or nieve but I'm too old to change and too set in my ways. I just hope that I never need to find out.
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    I try to carry at least two as often as possible. Sometimes it's a pain in the butt but I owe it to my wife and daughter to do everthing in my power to insure their safety.

    No matter how much training or skill you have there will always be someone faster, stronger or with the element of suprise.

    Yesterday I carried a G19 IWB with a G26 on my ankle and 442 in a pocket. Spare mag in a tuckable mag holder at 8 o'clock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    How many actually, regularly carry more than one
    I think the answer to this for non-LEOs is very, very few.

    My guess is 1-2%. Possibly less. Definitely non-mainstream practice.

    I carry 360 or so days per year. Never carried two guns. I wouldn't be opposed to my doing it, but there'd have to be a good reason to make extra effort.

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    Not an LEO.

    I usually carry a BUG. Main is strong OWB, BUG goes in left front pocket.

    My reasoning is that if something happens I'll probably already be behind the curve, this way I can access a firearm quickly with either hand.

    The mentality for the pocket pistol (SP101) is a last ditch belly gun. Given any choice at all I'd feel better taking a "stress" shot from my Sig or XD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Oh My God! The dog, the dog... What happened to the dog?

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    I generally carry two at night or when I'm traveling, other than that I just carry 1 and normal gear
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    For me it is one and a Hak Knife. More than that would be difficult at times.
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    I carry whatever sidearm I happen to want to carry that day IWB, and I carry a Kel Tec P32 as a BUG in a back pocket holster on my weak side. Before the KT, I carried a spare magazine and a NAA Black Widow in my weak side back pocket. The option was regular or NY reload. If you can carry a pistol, you can carry a P32 or .380 or a NAA, too. If I felt like I might need to carry 2 full sized pistols, I'd carry a shotgun or AR, too. Or I would cancel my trip. I never really believed in changing guns or doing anything differrent based on it being night, or a "bad part of town" or another town, or whatever. Bad stuff could happen anytime, anywhere.

    And I disagree with carrying a BUG being rare. All of the people I know who carry more than just occasionally carry a BUG. Some of the folks I work with in the gunshop carry several, as do most of the LEOs I know.
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    I'll carry a BUG, 642 in front pocket, about 25% of the time. Always when in town at night.
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