Caught my wife in the act...

Caught my wife in the act...

This is a discussion on Caught my wife in the act... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I get home from work early one day... Sorry, I couldn't resist!!! But really, I got home before my wife got back from her ...

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    Caught my wife in the act...

    So I get home from work early one day... Sorry, I couldn't resist!!! But really, I got home before my wife got back from her out-n-abouts... We've just recently received our licenses. I went to our bedroom to strap on my holster and magazines. I placed my loaded gun in the holster, put spare mag # 1 in it's place in the magazine holster, put spare mag #2 in it's... wait a sec, this mag's awful LIGHT... I unload it into my hand and see 4 rounds... this is a 13 round magazine, there are nine bullets missing... (and this is when the Ah-HAH! moment occurs!) It just so happens that my wife's 1911 has 9-round capacity mags (it's a 9mm) and I figured since it would have been her first time carrying outside the house she's obviously not taken a tenth round for in the chamber for comfort's sake (teething time)... I went to the holster drawer and lo, her holster's missing! So I called her on her cell-phone... hehehe......

    I say "Hey, the neighbor's just called me, they're worried about you....."
    she bit:"Oh, really, why would they say that?"
    I said "Well, they're concerned because they saw you walk out of the house with your winter coat tucked in behind a big shiny gun on your belt."
    "They said they were about the call the police, but then they noticed it was you!"
    "Are you SERIOUS!"
    "Of course not!"
    ...then I explained how I figured things out. I made it clear to her how proud I was that she took it upon herself to arm herself while she was out with the kids, how awesome it is imagining her with her 1911 on her hip... and she said she was enjoying it too! Since this day, she's been carrying everywhere legal, just the way ti should be! I took her out to dinner at a gun-friendly restaurant that night to celebrate concealed carrying... while carrying concealed!

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    Haha! Awesome! My wife carries as well. It's nice knowing there are two rather than one at times.

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    I can tell you after a long day of work there is absolutely nothing better in the world than coming home to a gorgeous wife with a big large gun strapped to her hip getting dinner ready
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    Very Good.

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    Just awesome

    Nothing more sexy than your wife/girlfriend taking the initiative to strap on a sidearm and look after herself until you get home.
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    Nothing turns you on more than the thought of it huh
    My wife carries as well (kahr pm9) & i just think its sooo hot, plus its gotta be a lot safer (if a situation ever occurred) to have 2 people carrying instead of just me....
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    Where ever the government says go
    good job on bout of your parts for carrying
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    When I find one like that, I'll marry her, and keep her happy forever (afterall , she's armed).

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    Not caught yet...

    My boyfriend is the only person who knows that I carry everywhere. If anyone else knew they wouldn't be comfortable with the idea.

    And, yeah he thinks it is pretty hot....

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    Very nice. I hope to find my wife stealing ammo for her gun in about a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNBurl View Post
    Very nice. I hope to find my wife stealing ammo for her gun in about a month.
    Hmmm I wonder what that means? New gun? New wife?

    What gives?

    Hey dont you have some holsters to make or something LOL

    Sorry I couldnt resist heh
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    That's great! Good for both of you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    When I find one like that, I'll marry her, and keep her happy forever (afterall , she's armed).
    What Eagleks said
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    I am proud to cay my wife carries concealed also. It really is very sexy knowing it too!
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    Sound like you have a good catch.

    Also sounds like you need to go buy more SD ammo and maybe a another couple of mags.

    I'd be if I found myself in a situation where my spare mag was light when it was not supposed to be. Hence my wife has 3 mags, full, plus another 50 round box of HST, and I have the same. It will never happen as my wife does not, and can not carry.

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