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    Thumbs up VISION RELATED PROBLEMS ~ Click Here

    I hope some of the links provided below in this thread will be of some help. Naturally, things start getting a bit more $Expensive$ the more complex your lenses need to be.
    Gather what information you can from these links & then you can probably have a pair of "Daily Wear" eyeglasses made up the very same way.
    And please don't forget about having your Carry Firearm Laser Equipped as an additional valuable shooting accuracy aide. They are expensive but, your life is worth Whatever The Cost if it saves your Tushy & also prevents possible injury to bystanding innocents.
    Good Luck & Don't Ever Give Up until you find something that works for you!

    If You Need Reading Glasses
    So you’ve got an old guy eye problem and while you can still see the targets and your sights, you can’t read your scorecard. Olympic Optical has the solution, shooting glasses with reading inserts in the bottom of the lenses. They’re available in several strengths depending on how much help you need if you’re farsighted, which means you can’t see things close to you.

    But if you’ve got some distance vision problems too and you’re having trouble seeing through your rifle scope, or seeing your front sight on your handgun. Hansen’s Eagle Eye may have your solution, aviator shooting glasses with a bi-focal insert up high in the lens either for shooting with a scope or with a bigger bi-focal for handgun shooters. The rest of the lens can be either without correction or done with your distance prescription.

    Lenses for Astigmatism
    But if you’ve got astigmatism and can’t see near or far without correction, the solution may be Morgan Optical from New York State. They started with a Randolph Engineering frame, with an adjustable nose piece to move the glasses up for rifle or shotgun shooting. In the frame, Morgan has mounted progressive prescription lenses with an infinite choice of correction to see anything from the scorecard to the shotgun bead, to the claybird out in front.

    And for the Cool Look
    Now one more option to look as cool as the kids with the stylish wrap-arounds. The Rudy Project... a relatively new competitor to Oakley, priced about the same, in the 150 to 200 dollar range. But, the Rudy Project glasses have a clip-in, inner frame that will take your prescription lenses. So you can look just as cool as the young guys.

    Safari Shooting Glasses
    By Olympic Optical w/ correction in lower lens $25

    Hansen’s Eagle Eye
    Shooting Glasses w/correction in upper lens $200

    Hansen’s Eagle Eye
    Shooting Glasses w/correction in upper inner lens $200

    Morgan Optical
    Shooting Glasses with progressive lenses
    About $400


    The Rudy Project
    Rydon glasses
    Kerosene glasses
    Preception glasses

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    Excellent set of useful info QK - nice reference.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    I bought a pair of the Rudy Project glasses because of the specific feature of the "clip in" frame. Unfortunately that option was another $75 on top of the $250 or so for the glasses.

    Price wise they were on par with shooting glasses with prescription lens that I had looked at, but being able to in effect "change" my prescription lens for $75 was the deciding factor when I bought mine. Great quality glasses and I'd highly recommend them for anyone who needs prescription shooting glasses.


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    Thanks for the link QKShooter!
    - Kurt
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    Thumbs up Feel Free

    Any forum members please feel free to add any links or addresses or Eyesight/Vision Related Product...comments and ideas to this thread.

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