Question for the ladies...

Question for the ladies...

This is a discussion on Question for the ladies... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am 5' 10" and 19 years old. I can't carry yet, but am trying to learn some things before I get my permit. I ...

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Thread: Question for the ladies...

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    Question for the ladies...

    I am 5' 10" and 19 years old. I can't carry yet, but am trying to learn some things before I get my permit. I wondered if anyone had any suggestions about how to dress around a IWB holster. My EDC gun will be a Glock 26. I am mainly concerned with how to fit fashionable style pants into my wardrobe around my gun. But any other suggestions about clothing would be useful as well.
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    Not a "lady" here, but had to offer some help to my wife when she started thinking about carry methods/cloths etc. You might want to check this website: Cornered Cat It caters to the needs of the ladies. On this website, you might research some of the posts by Limatunes. She's pretty darn sharp and can probably answer MANY of your concerns and questions as well. Good Luck!
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    I carry a Walther PPS IWB. When I was considering carrying daily, I really worried that I would have to drastically change my wardrobe in order to accomodate the pistol, in reality, I did not. I generally dress in jeans and t shirts or sweaters (most of my wardrobe comes from Anthropologie and J Crew, if that helps).

    things I found that help:
    dark colors
    patterned tops
    buying (or having my pants tailored) 1" larger than my actual waist measurement
    a good belt (I'd recommend Beltman- he has some not so masculine belts)
    a good holster- I went through 3 before I found the right one, I would recommend working with a holster maker who can do some customization for you (I've found the belt loops on my pants tend to be closer together than men's, so the holster needs to be narrower on the overall width to be placed where I like it).
    thin, seamless, microfiber undies (the holster will press on them all day with IWB holster, lace, etc can get very uncomfortable)

    It's hard to wear really low waist jeans, but depending on where you place the holster, it can be done. I thought my days of wearing fitted T's would be over, but I wear them all the time with no problems. I have found that while many women seem to prefer appendix carry, I prefer to carry at exactly the 3:00 position on my right side. I am short (5'2") and fairly curvy, with a higher riding IWB, this puts the grip of the gun in the curve of my waist, and it practically disappears. I do move the holster position around a little, depending on some clothing I wear- usually shifting it a little bit forward of the 3:00 position.

    It's really amazing how easy it is to carry on a daily basis. Most of the world is completely oblivious. For example, I work in a very carry-friendly office (ie- the boss carries and doesn't care) so I am not careful about the pistol showing as I move around during the day. I had a conversation with a co-worker a couple of weeks ago about pistols- he never had a clue I was carrying. While I was worried that carrying would be much more difficult from a wardrobe perspective for me than it is for my husband, after doing so for several months- I am pretty sure I could carry some fairly large weapons at this point with very little in the way of wardrobe adjustment.

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    Hope this helps...

    From a guys perspective who recently started EDC (again, not a woman so sorry if I'm butting in) I was surprised at the adjustments I've had to make to comfortably IWB daily carry. My work pants had to go larger from 33 waist to 36 which gives me enough wiggle room to tighten the belt and have the pants hang nicely without printing on the holster or frame. I used to wear my work shirt (typical service-guy light blue long-sleeve) tucked tightly into my belt and snug, now I have to pull the shirt out a bit all the way around and "blouse" it out to cover the grip and look the same on both sides.

    Casual wear was a bit more frustrating as most of my wardrobe pre-CHL was form fitting to my 6' 165lb frame, some of my pants are boot cut or as some would say, snug. My 32 Wrangler jeans and size M tee-shirts aren't helping at all, so come summer I'll have to make some choices. My usual after-work dress code is light t-shirt with a S/S or L/S casual shirt worn untucked and hanging outside my belt. This is perfect for IWB carry as long as my pants have enough room in the waist, this may be your problem as well.

    Basically it's hard to dress the same as you always have and carry IWB unless you're a "husky" feller or lady. Most women tend to dress in form fitting clothes (and that's fine! ) however it seems like IWB would be a bit difficult. I wish you the best in your search for the setup just for you, I applaud your desire to seek your CHL and take a stand for your own personal protection.

    One last comment on holsters, I have to join the ranks of very satisfied Crossbreed Holster customers as I've worn my Supertuck every day for the past week... except for Christmas day. (family reasons, long story). The holster quality is excellent and the service was 2nd to none, so that my 0.02. It seems all the comments I've read about the Crossbreed come from men, so perhaps they don't fit the female figure quite as well, I'm not sure on that.

    Take care and may you keep your practice shots dead on target and never have draw your Glock in the real world.
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    chickdiver & Openroad had some great suggestions. All I can add would be that a good "tuckable" IWB is a great option.

    Obviously you do not have to tuck your cover garment with those holsters as it already is a great IWB holster.

    But it's always nice to have the "tuckable" feature built in so you can tuck your shirt in your pants if you want a "cleaner" look.

    Personally, I rarely tuck my shirts in, but I am looking for a good tuckable holster for times when I want to or need to.

    BTW... this is a male perspective, but I think chickdiver had some excellent advice from a woman's perspective.
    Semper Fi

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    You should consider a Smartcarry holster too, TD... I just got mine, and the quality and comfort is superb. I am also getting a Minotaur IWB, but I can already tell that my Smartcarry is gonna get a lot of use... they may be issues about dressing for girls that I don't know, and it may not suit every situation, but I think this will be very useful for you.

    I'm not familiar with a Glock 26, but my Sig 220 is a full size .45 that conceals beautifully, and my little Taurus 745 is utterly invisible.

    Obvious quality, fast service, superb concealment, reasonably priced, and room for 2-3 extra magazines... I'm quickly becoming a Smartcarry evangelist...


    Awesome post by Limatunes with excellent info, photos, and videos
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    Thanks for all of the useful advice. Chickdiver some of your ideas were great. It's great to hear what the men have to say, but it's always good to hear from a woman's point of view as well.'re not butting in. Dealing with handguns is still fairly new to me so all of the advice I can get helps.

    PointnClick...I have read some of Limatunes stuff and it is very helpful. However, I did not realize she had 4 videos on youtube about holsters and how to carry concealed. These were very helpful as well and it's great getting to see how she actually does it instead of just reading about it.

    It'll be a while before I can get my permit, but when I do I'll be sure to post pictures and let you all know what I come up with and what works for me.
    "Gun control has not worked in D.C. The only people who have guns are criminals. We have the strictest gun laws in the nation and one of the highest murder rates. It's quicker to pull your Smith & Wesson than to dial 911 if you're being robbed." -Lowell Duckett

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