You are not the law, do not draw unless you are ready to pay with your life (savings)

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Thread: You are not the law, do not draw unless you are ready to pay with your life (savings)

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    Sorry man, but under Texas law I can legally come to the defense of a third party,I realise I am no longer an LEO,but If I see a situation develope and I know It's not an attempt to arrest somebody by a plain clothes LEO,who by the way should have ID out and be yelling PO PO you be under arrest if that's the case.I have enough common sense to know when to call 911 and let the cops handle it,or when any delay in some form of intervention could result in an innocent party being injured or killed,if I see an attempted robbery or rape etc. I have to decide if my actions may endanger other people or if I can get the advantage and stop the threat.I personally will not try to stop a bank robbery where there are 3 armed BG's and all they are after is the money,now if they start shooting people they just changed the rules.Everybody has to make their own decision,and just because I carry doesn't mean I go cruising around bad neighbourhoods hoping somebody tries to jack me
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    Quote Originally Posted by user View Post
    ... (3) the average person should take pains to know the law as it applies to himself where he lives, and the failure to make this information available in the "government" or "civics" classes in high school is a travesty....
    I hope that I am not taking this out of context.

    I have spent many an hour reading up on and only on the 21 CCW related laws for Colorado. It is a rat maze once you start tracking down the "As pertains to CRS ##.##.####" and some of them either are so vague that you need a law degree to properly comprehend them, or they eventually contradict themselves.

    The entire Colorado Revised Statutes book is HUGE, and in effect, it is absolutely impossible to "obey" every single law written.

    The legal system and lawyers have made "common sense" impractical in their efforts to find loopholes and bias in the way a law is written because it does not specifically state a thing.

    A LEO has to look up oddball things if there is question in the activity. Defense Lawyers who specialize in only one aspect, who spent 5-9 years in college still spend hours upon hours researching 1 charge against their client in defending them looking for that loophole and related charges that perhaps their client should have been charged with in the first place.

    And here we are, the average Joe or Jane, doing our best to be a good person and law abiding citizen, our primary concern is making sure there is food on the table, the bills are paid, and keeping us & ours safe from harm, have the ever present black cloud hovering over us "Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse".

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiliverde View Post
    I would classify the scenarios you describe as the, "ABSOLUTELY necessary" clause, and yes I work with guys that are completely tatted with shaved heads wearing biker type clothes.

    What happens if they have a bad guy at gunpoint with their backup almost on scene, and some "good samaritan" stops and gets involved?

    My coworker may have to shoot the good samaritan and live with that for the rest of his life, or the "good samaritan" shoots my coworker and has to live with that for the rest of his life, either in prison or not.
    Yup, this happened to me.

    I was riding my bicycle down the streat and a non-discript sedan pulls in front of another car and and a lady gets own with pistol in hand and goes to the window of the car and points the weapon in the window and tells the driver to get out..............

    As a bystander with tunnel vision I saw a distraught girlfriend getting ready to kill a cheating boyfriend.

    It was an ambitious undercover officer doing her Job..........Back up was right behind her but the time involved could have offered a bad scene due to assumption, poor tactics, and poor vision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    ...The entire Colorado Revised Statutes book is HUGE, and in effect, it is absolutely impossible to "obey" every single law written....
    Exactly. In Virginia, it's 67 volumes. Nuts. Too much law. Impossible to understand. Makes lots of work for people like me, but I don't need that much help. Need legislators who are committed to getting rid of the stuff we don't need, and who will revise what we do need in order to make it clear enough for the average WalMart shopper. It is too hard for the average person to understand when he's got the right of way at an intersection, much less when he is justified in the use of deadly force. Instead, each legislator wants to go to the capital and write a bunch of new laws. Phooey!
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