While reading the posts here I think I counted 5 Texans responding. I will be # 6. Get it. Texas laws are not restrictive. There are really very few places where you will spend your after work time that are posted. I will take it for granted that you will not be able to carry at work, most are not. You can keep it locked in your vehicle if you choose. I do not have that restriction being self-employed. I am armed 24-7. I will ditto a couple of things you have read. Go to a class the walks you through the paper work, does the prints, & photos. They are a little more expensive than those that only do the class & you are responsible for the rest. IT IS WORTH THE DIFFERENCE. By the time you pay for the fingerprints at local LE, get passport photos, add the gas expense you will be awful close to the same $$'s. Then time. Big thing is they make the paper work much easier. 2nd thing is visit texaschlforum.com That is a great forum & a Texas Lawyer is the creator & moderator. There are several instructors, LEO's, long time carriers, folks of every age & walk of life. Last thing is remember the overwhelming agreement above is GET IT & then CARRY IT.